Anointed Student Ministry

This was a very interesting trip – it started wonderful with both of us being upgraded to first class and ended rough – but in-between was some amazing ministry – I think the devil got mad. I will summarize just a few things – Wednesday evening was a youth emphasis night at this Assembly of God church in Salida, California near Modesto –  I taught on Power and Authority and then had an altar call and 17 street kids gave their lives to Jesus.  It was an amazing sight.  Most of these students are raw and tough and live on the street a lot – often skateboarding and shooting hoops, and just running around – but this pastor has been able to get them to come to youth group on Wednesday evenings.
After that we began to pray for these students and we had over 40 students on the ground – hit with the power of God and taking it all in, many remaining still for a very long time, with some going into deep intercession, some receiving a prayer language and some being healed of physical pain and difficulties.  Most if not all of these students had never ever seen any one fall under the power of God before so it was all new to them.  At one point I invited some of the tougher looking and larger built guys up for prayer – and then in some cases stood 6 to 10 feet away while praying for them and they fell over under the power of God.  They were just staring with their mouths open in amazement.   Later, I invited some of these students to pray for other students and as they prayed, the ones being prayed for began to fall too – and so many of them came up rejoicing and offering me hugs and wanting to know more about the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus was in the house for sure!!!
Jason was a huge help and either led worship or helped lead it with the local praise band.  He also participated in  the local pastor’s gathering where I shared about city reaching and transformation.  One of the local pastors who was there is also a missionary to Thailand and personally knows one of Ed Silvoso’s transformation team members in Thailand so that was very cool.  And we got to spend some quality time with a local Nazarene Pastor and his wife who are just stepping out into the supernatural realm in their church, as well as meeting and visiting with a local pastor from Sacramento that I have only known by email for nearly 15 years and we finally met.  We were also blessed with a day trip to the Capital of California.  Some of the churches including this one have begun to give Jason an honorarium too for this time spent in worship leading.  This is a great blessing since he is not officially working a job right now while doing this internship with me.
We just got a very encouraging note from some lawyers in Alabama where we ministered two weeks ago, and the new outreaches and ministry that they are involved in as a result of our teaching on Transformation.  Listed below is a brief report regarding our ministry last week to the junior high written by Coach Tot who is the Youth Pastor at Eagle’s Nest here in Omaha.
> Wednesday Night Jr. High: We had Pastor Jay West ministering to the Jr.
> Highers and it was AWESOME!!! It was very cool because he taught on
> something that most people wouldn’t think to teach Jr. Highers at first and
> that was giving!!! Giving in their offerings!!! IT was very cool and really
> opened their eyes to see the importance to start now on being in covenant
> with God and watch how God will provide and meet every need in their lives
> and their families was sooo good! Then we went into prayer ministry
> with them and God revealed awesome things through praying for him and there
> was such a sweet presence of God in the iGNITE room. It was awesome because
> one young man’s heart was turned to where he asked Pastor Jay to pray for
> him because he wanted to stop cursing! I think that’s so powerful because he
> truly wanted to break bad habits!!! Go God! We had a large amount of Jr.
> Highers and we have our core! I believe God is going to raise them up to do
> great things! Pray for us because we will be scheduling a meeting with the
> principal of Nathan Hale to see how we can serve their school! 🙂

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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