Spontaneous $1000.00 Offering

Is God Good or What!
As some of you know, Jason and I arrived home last week from a wonderful ministry trip in and through Texas where we were blessed to minister six times in four different venues.  After being home for just 2.5 days, we left again for Wisconsin to minister in La Crosse.  This was our first trip to Connect Church.   We drove a total of 900 miles to and from the church, stopping to see friends in Des Moines and Hampton, Iowa.  We had an amazing time with Jesus as the Lord just took over from the very beginning.
I got up to preach the first night and God changed the message from my first words, and I ended up preaching without notes on a new subject called Press In.  Each session was followed by incredible power ministry with healings, lots of carpet time, accurate words of knowledge and other manifestations and gift expressions. 
Here is one of the many healing testimonies.  An older man had been battling shingles for many months and had them in a variety of places on his body, including his face, and they were so painful that he rarely got any sleep.  The shingles disappeared and he slept for over eight hours totally pain free after I prayed what the Lord had me pray.  It was just one of several incredible healings and words of knowledge.
On Saturday morning, I taught two sessions on “Hearing from God” in the role of an Ambassador, and then we moved out into the city to pray for businesses and marketplace leaders.  Many people actually participated in this outreach too with significant downloads from God on what to pray.  On Sunday we were then invited to stay for one extra evening service and so like in Texas, we once again ministered six times, and Jason led worship at all of the services as well.  This congregation even honored Jason with a $400.00 honorarium for his part in the services.  What a tremendous blessing that was.  The pastors were really wonderful hosts. 
During the last service we were so encouraged to see eleven people commit their lives to Jesus and once again began to pray for people to experience God, and people were falling all over the place.  I prayed for one young man by simply shouting “CLEAR” much like they do in movies when using the paddles on a heart patient.  When my hands touched this young man, he flew backwards several feet and landed on the floor, without a catcher, and he broke into spontaneous joy and laughter.  I then invited a couple of other members of the congregation to come forward and pray for people and the folks they prayed for began to fall in the spirit realm too.  This was all new to most of these folks who I called up.  It was a huge blessing and we thank and glorify the Lord for His goodness to us and through this congregation.
Tonight (Wednesday) evening in Omaha we had a unique opportunity to entertain and host friends of ours who are missionaries to Hungary.  We had helped them schedule a meeting just prior to church with our pastor, Jim Hart at Eagle’s Nest.  Then during praise and worship, Pastor Hart invited our friends up to sit and rest in front of the congregation while the praise band led worship over them, and the leaders began to pray over them.  The congregation then began to come forward and give our friends a spontaneous love offering, that ended up totaling $1000.00 while prayer and worship over them continued for nearly 30 minutes.  Our pastor did not get to preach again for the third consecutive week, but he did not care.  He loves to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Can you imagine, coming to a church that you have never attended, having a brief meeting with the pastor, and not asking for finances, and then having what I described above happen to you.  These kinds of things are regular and spontaneous occurrences at our church.  We are thankful to be in this kind of prayerful and worshipful environment with leaders who will change the direction of the service by the leading of the Holy Spirit.    It was a tremendous blessing.

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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