Gang Members Saved at Local Church Car Wash

Yesterday our church had their annual free car wash.  We washed 124 cars in three hours and gave away hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks to nearly 500 people and had some sweet things happening in the prayer tent.  Here are some highlights.
  • We had two gang members come through to get their cars washed, but ended up laying down their colors and surrendering their lives to Jesus.  We had a pastor who was around 70 years old just sit for nearly three hours and watched as Whites, Hispanics, Blacks, Older and Younger worked joyfully together – he kept commenting that he had never seen anything like this in his history as a pastor.  He said he was learning what the Kingdom of God was all about.
  • Another lady was in line to get her car washed, but she jumped out of her car, yelling that someone else needed to move her car thru the line as she ran to the prayer tent to get saved.  Another couple that I was talking to as they dropped off their car in my lane exclaimed that if all of the churches in America was as friendly and happy as we all were, then America would be in full time revival.
  • Still another man came in to share his testimony from last year.  After each car is washed and dried, a note card is left in the car talking about Jesus and how He can restore any situation and a dollar bill is left with each card as a small blessing.  Last year this particular man had prayed in the prayer tent that his marriage and family would be restored and he kept praying throughout the year and his wife and family came back to him, and he brought all of them to the car wash with his original dollar that he received just to show the faithfulness of the Lord.
Saturday evening when I got home, a lady called me on the phone and we talked for awhile.  I had witnessed to her a year ago and gave her my card, and she kept it in her purse all of this time, so I invited her to church, and she came this morning with her two young children and stayed and prayed with our pastors.  In tears, she told all of us that she had not been in church in 20 years and this was the most joyful place she had ever been and could not realize that church was like this.  While she was being prayed for, Diane and Jason took care of her small children and then she received gift cards for groceries and gas.  That seed took over a year to germinate, but when it starting growing – WOW – she stated she will be back Wednesday for the third night of our conference.

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