Move that Mountain

Got a Mountain to Move – You Hold the Key:
God is good, the Kingdom is expanding, and the power of the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit have not lost any momentum.  Many are using their Keys.  Mountains are moving!
But it seems as if some folks are in transition.  Many people and even pastors seem to be transitioning away from Biblical Truth, and instead gazing at their own bank accounts, church budgets and retirement plans.  Much of this transition stems from an ever increasing concern for finances and world economics.  I keep encountering people who are so fearful of losing everything,  who are overly involved with their financial packages and investments, that they need  to look more closely into the biblical perspectives and truths of the bible.  It seems that worry and fear are replacing Kingdom trust and that many pastors are also caught up in the “what if’s of tomorrow.”
I want to encourage you from the Word of God.  Zech 4:6-7 basically states that it is not by power nor by might but by the Spirit of the Lord that things are accomplished, and that regardless of how high the mountain may appear, God can make remove it or flatten it and make it a plain.  Whether it is a mountain of debt or a mountain of uncertainty;  a mountain of failed relationships, or a mountain of health problems, God has the answer and especially during these times of economic struggles. Trust must become a must.   Did you know that the word “answer” appears 366 times in the bible so God has your answer covered for each day of the year, even in a leap year. 
Jeremiah says, “Ah Lord, God, nothing is too difficult for You.”  So combine that with Zech 4 from above and God replies, “Give Me your worst case scenario.  Hand over to Me the toughest thing you are facing.  Show Me the most difficult situation that you are encountering;”  and He will show you how to turn that mountain into a flat plain, that you can easily navigate.  He will help you get past those huge obstacles that you now see, so that you won’t be hindered from walking in Kingdom Light, Blessings and Benefits.  And simultaneously you can assist and help others to do the same.
As for me, my income fluctuates a lot based somewhat on number of speaking engagements and invitations, along with my expenses to get to various locations.  As a result we have been sowing into the Kingdom and the lives of others every week since April, looking for ways to help others, in many capacities and ways.  Simple things like raising our restaurant tips by 5% to 20% seems to be opening doors to share about God’s love, or buying and distributing gift cards has an amazing affect on many people.  Posting timely and sensitive notes of encouragement by email or on facebook seems to often lift people’s spirits.
As a result we have some pretty cool testimonies of how God is supernaturally providing, and giving us great peace while many others are battling worry , anxiety with almost a strangulation spirit of fear.  Many people seem to be gasping spiritually. 
My recent teachings in July in Omaha called, “Biblical Sense and Non-Cents in Tough Economic Times” center more on TRUST rather than on finances.  And I understand that there are real problems, but we have a God who is not moved by those things, but responds in faithfulness to the faith that He sees in His Children.  He promises to take care of us in greater ways then he does the birds of the air.  
In Matthew 6:26 the word says, “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not of more value then they”?  And the proof is in illustrated in that verse because we are indeed of more value because God teaches us how to sow and reap and to gather.  He takes care of the birds, yet he does not teach them those principles, but because you and I are of more value then the birds, He teaches us how to sow and reap and gather.  Its not so much what we are going through, but rather what we are going to that matters.
But many believers are simply holding onto everything they have, because of the bad economic times, and because they are walking more by what they see in the natural then what God is trying to show them in the Spiritual.  If only they knew, that trusting God and sowing would actually bring more into their lives than they currently are trying to hold onto.
This is a great season to encourage your neighbors and co-workers and family who do and don’t know Jesus with levels of kindness, financial blessing, and other benefits that will amaze them, and begin to open avenues of receptivity to the Gospel of Jesus.  God gave us the keys of the Kingdom and one of them is sowing into others, so remember, You already hold the key to your financial mountain of problems.   Trust is a Must!
Healing Power:
The last two plus weeks have been an amazing time of ministry in churches and marketplace, with nearly ten salvations, and 21 people agreeing in prayer to stop looking back at past mistakes and failures and reaching forward for what God has next.  I was blessed to see and learn of several healings.  The first is from a man in Wisconsin who came up to me and said that he is 62 years old, and that he has always had back pain for as long as he can remember, but that I prayed for him earlier this year, and all the pain left and did not return.  He earns a living by riding tractors and lawn mowers and so normally the pain is magnified when on those machines, but this year it is all gone.  Way to go GOD!
Still another lady came up to me carrying her cane with her.  She had walked into the service using the cane, and when I prayed for her, she fell under the power of God, and got up slowly as she was still in pain, but decided to go back up for a second time of prayer, and she fell a second time, and while on the floor she stated that her vertebra and back muscles seemed to moving back and forth, and she walked out without any pain and without the need of her cane.  Now both of these reports should generate some praise to the Lord! 
But I think the lady’s response is indicative of what God wants to do.  She could have responded and said after the first prayer time, well I guess it did not work for me, and/or why should I go up again, but instead, she responded in trust, went up for prayer a second time and was healed.  God rewarded her faith.  That needs to be our posture too, regardless of how big the mountain seems in front of us.   Keep pressing into the Lord!

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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