Church Hype, Swamp Mentality and $100 Prophecies

To my dear friends in the Kingdom of God – this is a tough one – I hope it makes some sense
Here in my city I have been a part of a number of smaller projects with various ministries in the city – and of course I preach and teach the Kingdom where ever I can, motivating others to jump in and do something to promote Kingdom lifestyles, trying to enable people and equip them to get out of their comfort zones and minister and make a difference in people’s lives – and I have had a measure of success in seeing people move out and step into something that they never thought they could do or would even have the interest to invest the time and energy in it and are finding that the Lord truly is enabling them to make a difference in the lives of others.
I know for me there have been a number of ways that I have worked to invest in others and share, yet I feel like I am barely making a dent.  Its similar to my approach to praying for the nation.  I pray for the President, and the VP and the Senate and Congress, and various parts of the Government, and for the military and the war on terror and war on drugs and immigration and feel like I barely make a dent – but if I can see a city changed and transformed, then I can start believing for a state and a nation, yet I am not really seeing a city transformed. Continue reading

Wow! – Let me say it backwards – Wow!

WOW – Its going to be a great week, in fact let me say it backwards – WOW

 Ministry is so much fun.  I get to see people come to Jesus, get discipled, mature in their faith, catch a vision, begin to minister and report back to me how God used me to help them in their walk with Jesus.  I’m having a great time. Continue reading