The Steps of Righteous People

Here is something I put together this evening – it is food for thought for sure and a great blessing!


What books are you reading today?  Psalm 37:23 “The Steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.”


In 2003, I bought and read a book called “The Quest for the Radical Middle, A History of the Vineyard” by Bill Jackson.  I wrote a letter to Bill and we got acquainted and started sharing emails.  Through that process, Bill invited me to San Diego where I was blessed to teach and minister.  Other doors of ministry that opened as a result of that meeting are listed below in the order that I believe they happened.  Some were referrals by other people, but they all trace back to Bill Jackson inviting me to San Diego.


  • Black Mountain Vineyard, San Diego, CA – 2005
  • Inland Vineyard in Corona, CA – 2005
  • Christian Life Assembly of God in Poway, CA – 2005
  • Christ for the Cities, Ocean Beach, CA – 2005
  • Ventura Vineyard, Venture, CA – 2005
  • Inland Vineyard in Corona, CA – 2006
  • Christian Life Assembly, Poway, CA – 2006
  • Lansing, Vineyard, Lansing, MI – 2006
  • Hosted Bill Jackson at Omaha Vineyard, NE – 2007
  • Living Hope Vineyard, Holt, MI – 2007
  • Lansing Vineyard, Lansing, MI – 2007
  • Metro Vineyard, Framington, MA – 2008
  • Lansing Youth Revival, Lansing, MI – 2008
  • Mt Hope Church in the City, Lansing, MI – 2008
  • Lansing Vineyard, Lansing, MI – 2008
  • Trinity Church, Lansing, MI – 2008
  • Church of the Living God, Perris, CA – 2008
  • Inland Vineyard, Corona, CA – 2008
  • Inland Vineyard, Corona, CA – 2010
  • Searchlight Ministries, Orange, CA – 2010
  • San Diego Home Group, San Diego, CA – 2010
  • Inland Vineyard, Corona, CA – 2010
  • The Mountain Foursquare Church, Riverside, CA – 2010
  • Lake Elsinore Vineyard, Lake Elsinore, CA – 2010
  • The Mountain Foursquare Church, Riverside, CA – 2010
  • Inland Vineyard, Corona, Ca – 2010
  • Faith House, Okemos, MI – 2010
  • Lansing Vineyard, Lansing, MI – 2010
  • Vineyard Church of Alma Michigan – 2010
  • Lansing IHOP, Lansing, MI – 2010
  • Pastor’s Summit, Lansing, MI – 2010
  • Family Worship Center, Lansing, MI – 2010
  • Salida Christian Fellowship, Modesto CA. – 2010
  • Hispanic Church, Modesto, CA – 2010
  • Modesto Pastor’s Conf. Modesto, CA – 2010
  • Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Barstow, CA – 2010
  • Faith Church, Lansing, MI – 2012
  • Lansing IHOP, Lansing, MI – 2012
  • Family Worship Center, Lansing, MI – 2012

 So my question is, what books about the Kingdom of God are you reading?


January 2012 – Let me give you a glimpse of something to think about as you enter the new year.  Many people will make some resolutions, but lets just dissect that word.  “Re” is a prefix meaning to go back and “Solution” has at least two definitions. 

 The first meaning for “Solution” is a mixture.  If you make a resolution, be sure to “Re” go back and use the biblical “solution” of mixing your faith with God’s power.  Proverbs 3 encourages us to trust in the Lord with all of our heart and not lean on our own understanding.   Continue reading

Words of Knowledge – Praise God for His Faithfulness

. Glory Christian Center, Omaha – The Worship Leader and his wife approached me for prayer stating that they had been trying to have children for five years – I prayed over them in January and told them that they would have a child before Christmas – I was invited back to this church the next year in March and they introduced me to their daughter “Joy” who was born on Dec 23.

Continue reading