Words of Knowledge – Praise God for His Faithfulness

. Glory Christian Center, Omaha – The Worship Leader and his wife approached me for prayer stating that they had been trying to have children for five years – I prayed over them in January and told them that they would have a child before Christmas – I was invited back to this church the next year in March and they introduced me to their daughter “Joy” who was born on Dec 23.

2. A young Couple in Ann Arbor were also trying to have children for a number of years – she was the daughter of Dan Cloeter, the senior pastor at that time at St Luke Lutheran in Ann Arbor where I was speaking for nine days – I told them that something significant would happen in three months regarding children in their lives.  This was several years ago, but I just learned this year that three months later through a very strange set of circumstances, they adopted a baby boy.

3. Last weekend in Stonewall Texas  at Trinity Lutheran Church – here is a partial part of that report-

  • During the service in the morning, they had prayed for rain as the area is a pretty severe drought and I prophesied that it would rain between now and Thursday, and later said it would rain on Thursday – the weather for that day showed no rain in sight, but it rained that night after mid-night until early in the morning over an inch of rain – when I gave the prophetic word, I went to my bed and breakfast and used the computer to check the weather and it just listed hot sunny days- today it lists growing and high probabilities of rain for this week.  Wow, God is good – incredibly awesome.


  • After the service a lady came up and complained of the pain in her carpal tunnel syndrome and I prayed over her from across the table – and asked how she felt – she said it still hurt – I said, give it three  minutes – then many got to be talking, but after five minutes I remembered to ask her, and she said that she was completely pain free and went around the room showing people where it use to hurt, but now didn’t – and in fact, that started something as several others began to testify of similar things.  This literally was the first healing service that I have ever led where everyone we prayed for got well.  Thanks to Jesus for His great love and compassion and touch.



Can’t remember if I told you about the phone call last week…


The person on the other end said “what was the date when we had that healing service?”

I immediately went into the “cautious mode” expecting a complaint (isn’t it pitiful what Satan does!!!)

I said it was in the fall – must have been late October / early November.

He then said “Remember Jay said that we could also pray for people who weren’t there.  I stood up to pray for my nephew.  Jay walked down the isle and you both laid hands on me.  We prayed for my nephew with Leukemia.  After we prayed, Jay said he would be healed in three months.  Well, last week he had his follow-up doctors visit.  There is no Leukemia left in him.  Praise the Lord!” 

So I counted on my fingers December, January, February.  3 months!!!


God is good.


Mark Shockey – Pastor – Edina, MN




5.  While ministering at Para Vida Church in Omaha, with Pastor Julio Castor – I told a young lady through translation on the worship team that she was dating the wrong guy – and that he was trouble for her – I told her that if she would break up with the guy, then her old boyfriend would come back to church, get right with God, ask her out and eventually ask her to marry him.  Well, she prayed with her pastor and mother, broke up with the boyfriend, waited, and then her old boyfriend came back to church, got right with God, asked her out and asked her to marry him – and I attended the wedding – and on the day of the wedding, the first boyfriend was in an Omaha jail with drug charges pending against him.


6. While ministering in Sandpoint Idaho which is just one hour south of Canada – the weather report came on for 100% chance of 15 inches of snow – I began to pray and would only pray when prompted by God – and this went on for about 12 hours – the next day the weather people were so amazed as they pointed out that it literally snowed all around Sandpoint, but not even a trace fell in this mountain town – later when I shared it in church, some of the people including the pastor were not too happy in that many of them earn a living by snow plowing – the next time I was invited to this church, it was late spring – anyway – the next day God told me it would snow one inch and that would not bother anyone and it snowed exactly one inch – when it was time to go home, God asked me what kind of weather I wanted at the airport in Spokane WA, and I asked for a partly sunny day, with temperatures in the mid 30’s so that they would not have to de-ice the plane – but when we got up, it was 17 and flurries – but when I got on the plane, the pilot came on and said that we were the first plane all day that would not have to be de-iced as it was now partly sunny and in the mid 30’s.

7.  When I was in Puerto Rico, I told a lady who had her arm in a sling that she would be healed and be well on Thursday, and that is exactly what happened – she was rejoicing and telling everyone.

8.  Betty  came up for prayer battling flu like symptoms  in the morning service – she really wanted to go to the mother and daughter tea that afternoon with her daughter Holly who was at home battling the flu – I prayed over her and said that one would be well at 3 p.m. and other would be well at 4 p.m and that is what happened – on those times and they both attended the tea which began at 6 p.m.


Friday evening’s service was in the gym and was pretty full – the praise band was awesome and the tech people were on top of everything.  After I was introduced, I came up and immediately began to walk around and give words of knowledge and some prophecy to people – one man from Ghana who lives in Fargo North Dakota drove all the way down to Minneapolis because God told him that the speaker – would point him out and have a special word for him – and when he later told me this, he also stated that it was 100% accurate – One of the others that I pointed to was a man and I told him that he was a critical thinker and that he often over analyzed things in the Spirit – his daughter whom I had previously shared a word with began laughing really hard – and I asked why, not knowing this was her Father, as they were not seated together and she confirmed the word as did he that this was how he operated in the Spirit realm – This word for him will become clearer later on in the report.


After all of the words were given, I felt led to have an altar call before preaching stating that many were sold out to God, but some were holding out, and asked those who thought that was speaking about them to come to the middle for prayer and 25 responded and then we had their friends and relatives come and lay hands on them and pray for them.  All of this ministry to this point is totally stretching me too as I just don’t operate this way very often.  Then I started preaching, but set my notes aside and taught them for nearly an hour without notes – again – way – way out of my comfort zone – this was followed by lots more prayer ministry that included a very special time with the older folks.


A young lady came forward with a prophetic word that included encouragement for the retired folks to continue to seek out ways to minister, and then I invited everyone over 60 to come forward – and there were about 30 or so  – and then I had the young people come up and pray for them – this was a very special time – I asked the music pastor to then lead out with What A Friend We Have in Jesus – as a great old hymn that many of these older Lutheran folks would cherish – they sang it so well – keep in mind that up to this point most of the music had been by folks like Jason Upton and  so this was designed just for them – then we had them form a type of chorus and sing it to the congregation as well –


Saturday’s service was designed as a healing service, and the place (gymnasium was packed) as they had to bring in lots of extra chairs to accommodate everyone – at one point the music team was singing I am Free to dance – I am Free to Run – etc – and the ladies were waving the flags as were the children, and I went up and gave a short exhortation concerning that for some reason in many places we have come to associate flags as being feminine and that I was encouraging the men to come forward – and before I could finish talking, the men started shouting and running towards the platform to get a flag -and then as we sang the same song again, many in the congregation moved out of the chairs and started dancing and leaping, and the men began to violently wave the flags and two of the men started to run with their flags around and around the building – and one of those men was the man that I gave the word to the previous evening about over analyzing the things of God. 


I later learned that the pastors of the church were in the back observing and totally were into the whole thing.  Two other guests that were there were Pastor Paul Anderson who heads up the International Lutheran Renewal Movement, along with Dr. Alan Langstaff who is from Australia now living in America and Alan sits on Dr Cho’s board of Directors along with the board of regents for Myles Munroe, and has an apostolic team called the Omega Team.


When the healing service began there were so many praying and so many needs, it was hard to keep up with what God was doing in the building – I basically acted as  a facilitator – sometimes praying, but often getting words of knowledge and releasing people to pray or  just observing others who were praying – and we learned that evening and even more the next day that many amazing healings happened – too many to list or even count – as God’s Spirit swept into the room and began to deliver people from diseases with long names that I can’t even pronounce, and major pain issues, along with all sorts of ailments, and problems – the reports kept coming in all day Sunday and then again today on Monday as well.


At one point I began to pray for people, with every one of them falling under the power of God – one was the Youth Pastor’s wife who had never fallen in her life and she could not stop talking about the experience – and then there was a lady whom as I started towards her, God said do not go any further – I was about 10-15 feet away from her – I asked her if I could pray for her – she said yes, and then I started to take another step or two towards her, but God said to stop right there and pray – which I did – and all I asked was for the Holy Spirit to touch her – and she crumpled to the floor.   She later testified that she had told God that if I came to pray for her, that she would let me, but that she did not believe that falling under the power of God was in the Bible, or even true, and that she definitely was not going to fall – and then with me being so far away from her, she crumpled to the ground and she later told everyone that she would never doubt this again.  There were so many people who wanted to testify to what God was doing in their lives.



11. While attending a conference of pastors and wives, one of the lady’s said that she had never fallen under the power of God – I spoke up in front of everyone and told her that she would experience this the next day – and that next evening when I was preaching and ministering, she came up for ministry, and I just walked by her and she fell out on the floor.


Recently, the pastor of the largest charismatic church in Omaha called and asked me if I would be willing to go to a hospital that was a long ways from my house, on one of the coldest and snowiest days we had experienced.  He said that there was a member of his church that has fallen unconscious that morning, and was in the hospital in a coma with high blood pressure, low heart rate, and on a respirator.  When I arrived later that afternoon, that is the way I found this man of God from India to be.  I prayed over him for 30 minutes quoting scriptures, and speaking healing as I normally do, but it was more difficult, because I could not ask for responses, and all I could see was his vitals on the computer monitor, which were not encouraging, but the Lord told me not to look at the externals, but to just believe and call those things which were not as though they were.


The next day I got a call stating that the man was now off the respirator to the total surprise of the doctor, and that his vital signs were normal.  I later went to visit and meet him and he was a delight as he proclaimed all that God was doing for him.  What surprised me about this though is that this pastor has over 5000 members and a large staff that he could have called to pray for this man, and instead he called me.  I am just so blessed and amazed at what God is doing.

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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