Leap Year & Trash Talk

I recently learned through a great message from our Children’s Pastor at our church, that trash talking is a strategy that an opposing athlete may employ when playing another team.  Through trash talking, they will try to mess with your mind to get you to think differently, thus possibly changing your behavior and previously coached  good habits, just by believing the trashy lies.  That happened to me last week and continues this week as the enemy used people and circumstances to try and get my focus off of my Kingdom assignments.  So I had to change my perspective. 

Earlier this week, two people in one day (including one friend in the area) shared Nehemiah 6:3 which says that Nehemiah could not respond to everything that others wanted him to do, as he had some very important work to do.  So I began to change my perspective as I have an important Kingdom assignment.  And so do you.

Three out of every four years this is the first day of a month, but today it is the last day of a month – it changes your perspective just a little. Continue reading

Kingdom Encounters | Healed Knees

We launched our Kingdom Encounter Group and had people from Nine Churches in the greater Omaha area,  plus one couple drove two hours from Sioux City to attend and receive prayer for major healing.  They later wrote by email about how anointed the prayer was and that they were glad they invested the time and energy to attend.  They stated that they had a great deal of anxiety, but after the prayer and all the way home, they had great peace.  They actually arrived a bit late as they got lost, and as I got up during worship that my son was leading and walked across the room, I had a stabbing pain in my left knee area, and I immediately wondered what I had done, or if I had somehow injured my leg and did not know it, – and right after I greeted our guests, I realized this was God trying to tell me something, so as I made my way back to my seat, I asked my son to play quietly and  asked who had that same stabbing pain in their left knee. Continue reading

Ears Opened, Metal Healings, Pain Issues Transformed

DSCF7744We had an amazing healing service today (02/11/2012) at Beautiful Savior Lutheran in Omaha – I was blessed to pray for so many folks – we saw restored hearing, ringing in the ears healed, clogged ears and partial deafness restored, breathing difficulties healed, clogged arteries opened based on a man’s report of knowing his blood pressure dropped – more on that later – lots of pain issues and metal healings, God kept downloading words of knowledge to me and I would offer them, pray for folks using others to help pray too that I know and trust and people got well – – Continue reading

Metal Healings….

At the healing conference at Bethel Church in Redding, that I attended in January of this year, they announced and began to pray for people with pins and metal in their body, including bolts, plates, slivers, artificial knees, pacemakers, etc – and I had an immediate rush of faith come up and I simply said – I can do this too – it was not presumption – but real faith  – Continue reading