Metal Healings….

At the healing conference at Bethel Church in Redding, that I attended in January of this year, they announced and began to pray for people with pins and metal in their body, including bolts, plates, slivers, artificial knees, pacemakers, etc – and I had an immediate rush of faith come up and I simply said – I can do this too – it was not presumption – but real faith  –
Last week I sent our pastor an email telling about the metal miracles in Redding as he knew I was there and I have been introducing the ministry of Redding to him.  I also shared that I had the same amount of faith to pray for people with metal in them as I did a couple of years ago for eye problems when we had the Katina’s singing group ministering at our church – that particular Sunday the pastor allowed me to pray for eyes and we had many eye miracles – I have to share this story to get to the one tonight – 
As I was driving to church, God told me he wanted me to pray for eyes – but we were fairly new at this church and I did not want to hunt the pastor down, especially since we would be having a guest singing group in to lead worship and he would be busy with them – so I asked God for me to run into Pastor accidentally.  As we drove up for the first service, the parkinglot was much fuller, and so we chose to park on the side of the building where we had never parked before.  As we got out, our pastor came out of a side door and right up to our car to greet us.  I then shared with him about the eyes, and he invited me to pray for both services and many were healed.
A side bar story is that later the next week our pastor sent me an email from a man who had visited our church, and was coming that morning to visit again, and he knelt down at home and prayed asking God to confirm if this was the church he was suppose to attend, and if it was, have them call out eye problems and let him get well – and that all happened for this man.  Last fall, which was two years later I was preaching and sharing at the largest charismatic church in our town and I shared this story above, and a guy waved his hand and identified himself as this man, and he had come that night just to hear me, not knowing I would share this story.
So last week I sent this note to our pastor about offering to pray for people with metal, but we had a big snow storm on the weekend and we did not go to church.  Tonight our pastor invited people to come up and sway and dance to a new slow song about dancing and I was involved in worship when one of the assistant pastors came up and asked me about that word about metal so I shared it with him.  Prior to that, the Lord had just spoken to me and said I would be praying for people tonight.
So our pastor invited people to come forward who have metal in their bodies  – and many – and I mean many were healed – feeling came back and numbness left, and pain left and warm sensations returned – movement in backs and knees and feet and toes was happening all over and in our church, when something great happens, and God moves, the people stand and rejoice for a long time – .  It was amazing –
Then I suggested to the pastor that I would be willing to pray for any pain issues and many more people came forward – but in our church they often do it with lots of prayer activity going on at once, which is okay, but I asked if I could pray over every person at once which is how I often do it at the healing services I lead around town and the nation –
So he agreed and I explained about wanting to see people wave their hands if they were 75 to 80% better and before I could even pray we had like 4 to 8 people waving their hands stating that the pain had already left – and then after I prayed many more were healed too – and then I added in eye problems and one man who is one of the worship leaders had major floaters and they almost totally disappeared and was crying so hard to share his testimony.  God was so amazing to so many wonderful people this evening.
Another man who is also a friend had fallen on the ice and tore up his ham string muscle and I saw him before the service and he was limping so bad and in obvious pain with each step, that I offered to pray for him in the hallway, and then after the service he was jumping and dancing and walking normal and he told me all the pain was totally gone.
As the service was coming to a close, I sat down and put my head in my hands and began to thank the Lord for all of the healings and for using me and tears began to flow as I was simply so grateful to be in this position to be used in this kind of ministry that tonight brought relief to so many people with so many different issues. 

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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