Ears Opened, Metal Healings, Pain Issues Transformed

DSCF7744We had an amazing healing service today (02/11/2012) at Beautiful Savior Lutheran in Omaha – I was blessed to pray for so many folks – we saw restored hearing, ringing in the ears healed, clogged ears and partial deafness restored, breathing difficulties healed, clogged arteries opened based on a man’s report of knowing his blood pressure dropped – more on that later – lots of pain issues and metal healings, God kept downloading words of knowledge to me and I would offer them, pray for folks using others to help pray too that I know and trust and people got well – –flowersOne lady who was partially deaf was having severe problems hearing and often confused – after I prayed for her she would cover one ear than the other as I whispered words to her from 3 feet, 6 feet, and about 10 feet away just saying random colors and numbers and she was able to repeat all of them back to me 100% accurately.
DSCF8524Another man told me he was healed in three places including where there is metal in his body.  Still another man who also had hearing problems told me that when I prayed for him prior for the service he was wondering what might happen.  I actually encountered him in the hallway and just prayed there.  He stated that usually the singing and music sounds like tin on a trashcan, but after I prayed and from the first note of the worship that my son Jason West led, he could hear all of the notes plainly and that his hearing was like it use to be before he lost it. 
The majority of the healings came as God downloaded sympathy pains through knowledge impression pains or images of people who needed prayer through words of knowledge, but obviously some were just what people were sharing.  The Spirit of the Lord was so strong and the anointing was powerful.  I am just glad so many got well.  And then I had tears of joy later in the afternoon, just like I did Wednesday evening after so many got well at the service I reported on earlier this week. 
The senior pastor stated that this was the most healing he had seen in the healing service I have been blessed to lead at this church over the past few years – just incredible stuff as God blasted so many people – wow –  – Thank God !!!  And on top of that 19 people surrendered their lives to Jesus. 

Go God!

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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