Kingdom Encounters | Healed Knees

We launched our Kingdom Encounter Group and had people from Nine Churches in the greater Omaha area,  plus one couple drove two hours from Sioux City to attend and receive prayer for major healing.  They later wrote by email about how anointed the prayer was and that they were glad they invested the time and energy to attend.  They stated that they had a great deal of anxiety, but after the prayer and all the way home, they had great peace.  They actually arrived a bit late as they got lost, and as I got up during worship that my son was leading and walked across the room, I had a stabbing pain in my left knee area, and I immediately wondered what I had done, or if I had somehow injured my leg and did not know it, – and right after I greeted our guests, I realized this was God trying to tell me something, so as I made my way back to my seat, I asked my son to play quietly and  asked who had that same stabbing pain in their left knee.
A an older lady and her friend had come in earlier and she raised her hand stating she had the pain, like bone on bone which is what I was feeling.  I had her stand and come to the center, and asked a few others to join me as we prayed for her for about 20 seconds, then I asked her how she was feeling and she said it was some better.  I asked her to walk across the room twice, and after the second time she was high stepping and her friend was affirming that she could not have possibly done this prior to that moment.  I had only met this lady once before and had no knowledge of this pain.  She stated the pain was totally gone, and when she said that, the pain my left knee departed immediately too, so it was a symptom of knowledge from the Lord that alerted me. 
I then asked if she had any other pain and she said both ankles always hurt too, so I asked one of the other men in the room, that I had just met the day before to come and pray for her.  This particular man has a history of three broken marriages, drug and alcohol use, and in many circles would not be allowed to pray for anyone, but he knelt down and began to pray for her ankles as we continued on in worship, and in a couple of minutes her ankles were completely pain free too.  I followed up with her today and she was still pain free, so to God be the glory.
At our church (Eagle’s Nest Worship Center) this morning, we had a guest worship leader named Michael Turner from New Zealand.  This was his third time at our church.  We have a lot of guest speakers and worship leaders come and minister.  If I had to guess, we probably have at least 20 a year.  Anyway, he is in a band made up of all Christians, called Red Rain, but is not a Christian band in that they play in secular settings around Europe, Asia, America and Australia.  They see hundreds of conversions in pubs and city festivals and other venues and God gives them favor.  Today the second service ended up being all worship and prayer ministry as the altars were packed with hundreds of people wanting prayer and a touch from God and just enjoying the presence of the Lord.  We stood for the entire two hour service and just pressed into the Lord.  Don’t get me wrong in that our pastor usually preaches and is very anointed, but sometimes the order of the service will change and the Lord will direct it to go different than we plan. 
And some might say, I don’t understand why God would do that – well, if we have to understand everything that God does, soon we have a god that looks just like us.  And others would say, why does God do these things,  Well I think Psalm 115:3 answers that with these words – “But our God is in heaven, and he does whatever he pleases.” 
I find it interesting that without any preaching, over 20 people committed their lives to Jesus in the second service today that was all prayer and worship.  I find it interesting that the Lord did not reveal the pain in the lady’s leg until the couple that drove two hours to get there actually arrived as they were specifically coming for prayer for a major healing, and that manifestation really encouraged them that God was in the house.   Because if He had, I would have stopped and prayed for her the moment I discovered it. 
Last week at the healing service at the Lutheran Church, I stopped and prayed for a man in the hallway outside of the service and he was better when he actually walked into the service.  I see no reason to let people suffer for even minutes or hours when we discover a problem, so I just stop and pray immediately now.  I actually was blessed to do that several times today in church too as I met people during the greeting time, I just stopped and prayed.  Last week one of our ushers was limping prior to the service and I prayed for him and he was healed within five minutes and the limp went totally away.  Praise God for his faithfulness.
The difference between my destiny and assignment is that my destiny is to someday go to Heaven and be with Jesus and that’s God’s job, but my assignment is to bring Heaven on Earth.  That’s God’s job and my job as I am a co-worker with Him on that one.   So  I will work hard at my task until the Lord gives me a different one.  I hope you will do the same with whatever God has given you to do.

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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