Metal Healings, Stroke & Wheelchair Improvement, and 42 Student Commitments to Jesus

Our one way ten hour driving trip to Kansas was fun and amazing as Jason and I got to return to the church I pastored over 15 years ago.  Jason led enthusiastic worship and I ministered five times, although I only preached four times.  We saw lots of healings of all sorts of ministry, and here are two specific ones.  We also spent time encouraging the leaders of the church as well, and meeting other local pastors in the area of this small rural Kansas town.
Since attending the healing seminar in January in Redding, CA I have been praying for people with metal in their bodies, such as pins, bolts, screws, plates, shunts, pacemakers, etc – and many have pain leave or warmth return and feeling return etc.  Everyone I prayed for said they got some or total relief.  One lady that I prayed for on Saturday evening, came back on Tuesday evening and told me that her leg had been cold for years, but since Saturday her leg had been hot and she had been perspiring there which was a good thing.  She was rejoicing. 
Another man was there in a wheelchair, but was able to stand up several times, and he had suffered a stroke, and was paralyzed on his right side, but after praying for him the first night and then the consecutive nights, his face got warm on the right side, and he had some feeling in his right leg as well.  So we rejoice with what God was doing in these folks and the many others who were touched by God.
On Sunday morning, the pastor was not feeling well, so as Jason got up to lead worship, I invited him forward to pray for him, and he fell under the power of God.  He later told me that he had not fallen that way since 1984 when a little known new healing evangelist had prayed for him by the name of Benny Hinn.  I thought that was pretty amazing.  The pastor’s wife later fell under the power of God too, and one time, I was standing several feet away from her when I prayed for her.  She stated she was very blessed by the whole experience.  On Tuesday evening, I released many others to pray and they began to get words of knowledge, and saw healings as they prayed too, so that was all very cool.  I generally do that the last night when I have been at one church for several days, as they need the experience and joy of praying for others, knowing that I will be leaving, but the prayer needs remain.
One of the evenings, I prayed for the people’s prayer language to be expanded and to increase.  Many people are satisfied to keep the same words and phrases that they have had for years, but in the natural, who would want to continue only in their childhood language experience.  Anyway, many were blessed by this expansion and increase as they pressed into God for more of His presence.
You can also find more information in another article called Kingdom Living, Tipping Well, about some marketplace ministry that opened up for us at Pizza Hut and Subway.  We also had some spontaneous prayer in the parkinglot of McDonalds for folks in the community.  God was all over the town.
On Tuesday of this week, I taught and shared at a local Christian Middle School to about 150 students on hearing from God.  They were attentive and listened well, including to one of the teachers talk about how her ears had been opened up at a recent healing service I led here in the area, where she had great difficulty in hearing, but I stood 3 feet, then 6 feet and then 10 feet away and whispered words which she could repeat.  Many of the students asked for prayer to hear from God better, and I will follow up with that next week when I return for my second sharing on Tuesday.
I also spent a little time talking about the need to quit going through the motions, and to get authentically right with God, and 42 students responded to that prayer time and commitment as well.  So join me in praising God for all of these wonderful experiences.
I am flying to Los Angeles on Friday March 23 to minister to ten public high schools over the weekend on Hope and Unity with an Evangelistic Emphasis to those who might now know Jesus.  I would welcome and appreciate your prayers. 

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