Kingdom Living: Tipping Well

In Kansas last week, I challenged the people to be good tippers at restaurants as many servers are being stiffed more and more during the economic downturn. I also told them about a pastor friend who tips whatever the bill is. If the bill is $20 he leaves a $20 tip. If the bill is $100, he leaves a $100 tip. And so I encouraged the people to look for ways to pray for business people and to expand the Kingdom outside of the church walls, in their city and area.

Later that evening we went to Pizza Hut, the only place open in that small town – and after dinner as we were about to leave, and even though I was a guest, I felt led to give an extra $10 to our server. Her name was Laura and two other friends of mine and myself struck up a conversation with her, and I ended up praying for her. I asked her if she was a friend of Jesus, and she responded by saying that He was more than a friend, He was her Savior.

Two days later we were at Subway for lunch and there was Laura again, in her day job Continue reading

Ministry of Cheerfulness: March 8

What a wonderful day.  Begin to plan right now  how you might encourage and cheer up one person today to help them have a wonderful day too.  Look for ways to bless, honor, be kind, demonstrate love, show compassion, give, help, assist, promote, share, smile, and just change the atmosphere for someone or some group and in doing so, you will be blessed back in amazing ways.  You’ll see. 
  • “Therefore, let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another.”  Romans 14:19..
Look for ways to extend peace to others who are in the midst of stressful and difficult situations, whether it be financial, relational, physical or some other problem.  Continue reading