Three Fantastic Testimonies – Revival is close

Three Wonderful Testimonies of what God is doing!


1.  Today I was honored as I ministered at Covenant Church of Mead just 12 miles outside of the Omaha metro area, and as I came up to share the message, I felt led to offer an opportunity for salvation and recommitment at the very beginning of my message before preaching and we had 27 recommitments and 3 first time salvations.   WOW – Way to Go God!  This was a big stretch for me not to teach or share or preach prior to offering this opportunity, but God was definitely in it for sure, and the numbers confirmed it.


I then felt led to give one more opportunity at the end of the message for those that wished they had entered in, but did not and we had 3 more salvations for a total of 33 commitments for the day – and 249 for the year so far.  Praise the Lord!  My goal for this year is 1000 commitments.  Please continue to pray for many people to come into the Kingdom of God this year!!! 


Growing up in California, when the citrus fruit was ripe, you did not have to tug on it, but just tap it and the fruit would fall off into your hands.  That’s what happened today.

I then preached and taught on Moving from Impartations to Activation, and then offered prayer ministry for about 30 or 50 people for another hour and a half with lots of manifestations of all kinds, and the service lasted 3 1/2 hours while the presence of God was so strong. 


I will say there were some healings, and lots of words of knowledge that were confirmed, and many of the teens and young people entered into the presence of the Lord, it was so fun to watch.  It was like an open heaven and so easy to navigate the Kingdom and see people get hungry for God.  It was interesting to watch all that God was doing and the ministry was so expansive that the leaders forgot to take the church offering, but I believe God will make it up the next week because generosity normally follows the move and presence of God.


One of the quotes I shared was this, “Religion is what you have left when the Holy Spirit leaves the room.”  He didn’t leave today.

2.  Last Tuesday I ministered at Grace University where we had 15 recommitments to the Lord and about 60 college students asking for prayer for some specific things that I taught about.  I heard through some of the faculty that many students really liked the chapel.  Isn’t this fantastic of how God is moving at all ages?  WOW!


3.  Prior to that I was excited to minister to children ages 5-11 at a local church, and again we saw some incredible things happen in the Spirit realm, including children stepping out and praying for their friends and seeing manifestations like children falling under the power of God.  In all of the combined three services we probably had well over 100 children on the floor, many of them repenting, getting right with God, and experiencing His presence.  Some even got words of knowledge on how to pray for their friends.


On the last night of the children’s ministry, most of the children had already experienced some carpet time with the Lord, and the parents began to pick up their little ones but the ones who had not been prayed for were waiting in a line and at one point there was only a couple of children left. 


One was a young girl that I would estimate was only 7 years old. She came forward for the prayer for the Holy Spirit but I noticed she was limping, so I asked if her foot was hurting and she nodded her head yes, so I first prayed for her foot, and after a short bit asked her to walk across the room.  You could see the skepticism in her eyes, and she sighed, I suspect because she knew her foot was hurting and that meant more pain, but she did it, and came back and I asked her how it was, and she said it was a little bit better. 


I then prayed one more time for about 20 seconds and then asked her to walk across the room again, and this time she did not sigh, but complied, and I could visibly see that the limp was gone, and as she came back, she had this huge smile on her face and put her thumb up in the air and told me that the pain was completely gone.  I then prayed for her again, and she gently fell to the floor.  It was very cool, how God touched and healed her too.  Another WOW!


I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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