Multiple Healings, satanist in church, WOW!

Two Quotes:

“If God responds with a “no” to your prayer, it is not rejection, just redirection.”
“If in life, you have had setbacks, with God you can also have comebacks.”
  • This week I received an email from a lady I know in Texas and she reminded me that four years ago in 2008 when I came to her area, that I had a word of knowledge that God was healing her knee, and she was scheduled for knee surgery, and had not told me about her condition.  Instantly her knee was healed, and it has obviously been four years now and she never had the knee surgery, and she is now 81 years old.  Isn’t that amazing!  WOW – Go GOD!
This past Sunday during the ministry time, God showed up big time.  I prayed with two people who committed their lives to the Lord which brings the total to 297 for the year,  and then offered healing prayer.  Most of the prayers were for pain issues & many people got well very quickly  ranging from an average of 70% to 100% better,  including knees, ankles, toes, feet, hips, backs, etc.  
And then a miraculous healing happened for one elderly lady who was waiting for prayer while I prayed for those with pain issues.  She had come up for a miracle for her ears, when suddenly she proclaimed that she could hear a whole lot better, yet we never prayed for her at that point.  She just got in the presence of Jesus and got well.  I asked her how much improvement she had and she said ” 75% – no wait, I think it is 100% better.”  After the service I kept asking  how her hearing was and she said it was great, that she could hear everything just fine.  Praise the Lord !
The senior pastor’s wife came forward and I prayed for what she described as twisted hips.  At one point I really felt the presence of the Lord, and at the same time, she said she felt her hips release and not be twisted, and that her walk had returned to normal.  I sent her a note the next day and she said she had the best day in a long time with no pain or problems, so God was moving in varieties of ways and it was a blessing to be extending the Kingdom and not just tending it.
  • Thank you for your prayers regarding Jason’s recovery from his dislocated elbow.  He is doing remarkably well, and does not need the last follow-up appointment.  Also, we are very grateful for several people, some anonymous, who donated just over half of what we owe to the hospital for the ER expenses, and then the Hospital forgave part of the debt, so we have received all but about $1500.00 of what is needed to pay for the care that Jason received.  We are very grateful to all who donated, and to the Lord for asking some to help us in this way.
You may remember several months ago that a satanist in the area was saved and became a believer in Jesus.  We went to our church this evening and I discovered that he is attending there now, and we had a chance to visit.  He went forward for more prayer ministry and seems to be progressing in his new walk with Jesus.  His name is Robert if you would like to pray for him.
Our Kingdom Encounter Group is growing with more and more visitors each week from 20 churches now in the greater Omaha area.  We meet the 1st and 3rd and 5th Fridays of each month in our home.  Email me for more information.
My book on “Words of Knowledge” has received its second editing and now we need to work on cover design, copyrights, and publishing it soon.  Please pray for these components, and for future delays to be eliminated.
Upcoming Ministry Opportunities:
  • 5/27 – Mead Covenant Church, Mead, NE – Overview of five presentations in June
  • 5/30 – Grace University, Omaha, NE – 30 Minute Presentation in a Theology Class
  • 6/2 – Kingdom Encounter, Bellevue, NE.  – “When Heaven Invades Earth”
  • 6/3 and 6/10  – Open Sundays available to minister
  • 6/6 – Mead Covenant Church, Mead, NE – “Holy Spirit Essentials”

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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