Beginning of the Work Week


Okay  – while I am writing this late Sunday night, and its almost midnight.  I am believing that most of you will read it on Monday and I am writing to encourage you as you start this work week.  I know some of you are in a tough situation.  Or maybe you have a tough work environment this week.  Or you have a lot of extra work this week that is staring you in the face.
So as I went to write this, I asked the Lord for scripture and He took me to Psalm 13.

Prayer for the Weekend and the Month

Dear God,
Thank You for everyone who might read this prayer note right now – I ask that You fill their weekend and the month of June with joy, love and laughter. I pray for those that are sick and hurting that Your healing power would invade their bodies, minds and spirits in a gentle way that touches that pain and hurt or sickness and begins to bring immediate relief.   I pray for healing right now.  Please manifest healing where it is needed.  Let pain and suffering and worry disappear as we step into God’s presence.