Prayer for the Weekend and the Month

Dear God,
Thank You for everyone who might read this prayer note right now – I ask that You fill their weekend and the month of June with joy, love and laughter. I pray for those that are sick and hurting that Your healing power would invade their bodies, minds and spirits in a gentle way that touches that pain and hurt or sickness and begins to bring immediate relief.   I pray for healing right now.  Please manifest healing where it is needed.  Let pain and suffering and worry disappear as we step into God’s presence. 
I ask that business leaders prosper and that marriages thrive rather than just surviving.  I pray for children and parents to walk in all of the fullness and strength and power that the Word of God says we can.  Let our lives be committed to You as we know You are already committed to us. Bless churches right now with unity, conversation and financial blessings.  Lord, please release Heaven’s resources to churches that talk about Jesus and promote Kingdom Life to their communities, neighborhoods, and regions.I ask that peace prevails where anxiousness and unrest is currently causing upheaval and I ask Lord that You bless each person with a generous amount of Your abundant life and give them an overflow expression of Your presence this weekend and on into the entire month of June.  Let this summer be radically different than any previous summer as we begin it with You.   Help us to spend more time with You.  We really want to do this.  Fellowship…..

I pray and ask You God that each person reads and understands Your word, and who You are a little better and that they then in turn take your Kingdom message to someone else this weekend and month and make it a little bit better for them too. We want to share the love abroad with others that we have received from You.  Love….

We make it our aim to be well pleasing to You and to promote Kingdom attitudes and the beatitudes as a personal expression of our appreciation for Your presence in our lives, and Your saving power from sin, death and destruction.  Without You, our lives would be a mess, but with You our lives are on a course that is set to receive and walk in many blessings, and for that we are eternally grateful.  Help us to fellowship with like minded believers too, because we know that new wine is found in the cluster, and we need our Godly relationships.  Help us to discard the lone ranger attire and put on our family clothes as we minister one to another.  Lord we need to relax.  We need to rest with our family.  Peace……

We love You Jesus, and we know that You love us even more and that You first loved us. It is our pleasure to serve You this weekend and we look forward to how our faith might activate the Kingdom in a way that shows and demonstrates sincere expansion. God – Thank You for your care, for Your forgiveness and for Your grace. We appropriate forgiveness and put on righteousness right now and walk with you in the cool of the day and so enjoy your company.   Smile…..

Thank You! Thank You Lord – You are great and mighty yet gentle, kind and loving.  Wow – I am so blessed to know You God.  Let revival come to our region and area Lord.  We know that we need it and that many others do too.  What a great expression of your amazing love and work in our lives is the very presence of Jesus.  We cannot wait to see what You are going to do next in our lives, yet simultaneously we live in the faith of today expecting and anticipating to walk with You, yes even run with You and enjoy our time with You today, sharing your care and love with others, and expanding your Kingdom to make a difference in the lives of others this weekend.  We may be weak at times, yet we will not faint for You are with us and hold us up with Your great love, power, and compassion.  Thank you that our shoes are tough enough for the trip.  Road Trip……

 Transform us and help us to renew our minds so that we don’t always think that it is all about us and our situation and our problems, but that there are many hurting, sighing crying and yes even dying people out there who need to know You, experience You, and have a touch from You just like we have in the past.  Thank You for those many touches and blessings.  Freely we have received, so now freely we give.  Help us to stir up the gifts that You have deposited in us, and we ask that a spirit of complaining would be done away with, and that we activate our faith to be aligned with what You are already doing in our lives.  We want to be about our Father’s business.  We trust You God.
Let Grace abound and let the comfort of the Holy Spirit pour out on to all those people and friends that we might encounter, and even through the written word of this email as we pray it with other’s in mind or forward it on to those who need to read this prayer this day.  We know that Your power is endless, and that Your reign is complete.  So please rain down on us and refresh us with Your Spirit, and with Your presence because in Your presence is fullness of joy and at Your right hand are pleasures for evermore.  And in Your presence comes times of refreshing and we along with so many others need that refreshing this weekend.
Lord we thank You and love You and appreciate You so much.  What a wonder You are!  How marvelous You are!  How magnificent You are!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,,,,,,,,,
Pastor Jay W. West
Anointed 2 GO MdM
Culture Changing Ministry

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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