Two Separate Deaf Ears Opened in Two Weeks – In Omaha Nebraska

Jesus was so amazing today – this is a gotta read!
A Deaf Ear Opened today at the healing service at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in La Vista NE –  – this is the 2nd deaf ear to open in two weeks.  We had so many healings – lots and lots of pain issues, neck, knees, wrists, backs, etc – some got well just coming up front into His presence without being prayed for – one lady had pain while breathing and she was completely healed – another lady told me that I had been at that church 22 weeks ago and I prayed that she and her husband would get pregnant and she was now 20 weeks pregnant.   I also learned that another lady I prayed for last year to get pregnant and have her baby before Christmas actually happened too.

God was in the house today – the pastor of the host church said it was the fastest healings and most he had seen since we have been leading healing services there.  I generally lead a healing service there every 3 to 4 months.  The next one is October 6th.

We saw many people’s eye’s improve with comments like – wow – I can see better – it is clearer, the sparks and shooting stars and black spots are gone – one lady said her blurred vision and crossed eyes were healed – I prayed for three men battling serious cancer – two with brain tumors and one battling lung cancer – will have to wait for the doctor’s reports – the deaf ear opened and I turned off the mic and had the man cover his better ear and then I kept stepping away from him – quoting various colors in random order and he repeated them all perfectly – his wife confirmed this healing – then when I turned the mic back on he thought I was shouting – also 12 people committed their lives to Jesus so that is 406 commitments for the year – I led in a prayer for the 12 just like they were the 12 disciples of Jesus – it was very cool –

My son Jason who is 20 led worship this morning but is recording right now – probably the last session for his new album – he played one of his original songs today – There will be 12 songs on the album and we thought we might have an album release concert down the road – maybe in conjunction with my book to be published about the same time –

We are eager to minister and share if you have an interest, let us know – we have some open dates in July and August. Healings have happened now at every service in the past two months. God is amazing – I hate sickness and I love Jesus!

Last night at our Kingdom Encounter we had a house full of people – so many that they were sitting on the floor as we ran out of chairs – one lady fell under the power of the Lord and her back was completely healed – and this is actually the 5th person to have this happen to them in 5 weeks.  Can you imagine, they fall, and get up totally well and pain free.  How awesome is that!  Go God!
Out in Mead, NE I have been ministering several times in April and June and we had healings at every service.  Mead is 15 miles west of Omaha out in the country.  One lady that I prayed for had been in a car accident 34 years ago and both her ankles were crushed and she had steel rods in both of them and walked with braces and special shoes and one foot was actually bent over to the side.  I prayed for the pain to leave and she was 90% better in four minutes.  I also prayed for her other foot to straighten out, but nothing happened, but two days later she sent me an email stating that her foot was now flat on the ground and her toes were touching the ground for the first time in many years.  Two weeks later, she was walking almost normal without the braces, and now walking up and down steps for the first time in year too.  She is a friend of mine on facebook as is the family of guy who had the deaf ear that was opened, and if you contact me on facebook, I can share their names with you there in case you want to talk to these people.

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