Facebook Healing Service- Tuesday July 17th

Hey Friends – God has been supplying so much healing lately and even through text messages on the phone and instant messages on facebook where I would write out a prayer and the person got well in moments after reading the prayer.

So my son Jason and I are going to lead a healing service on Facebook this Tuesday evening beginning at 8:00 p.m Central Standard Time for one hour.  We encourage you to sign up for spotify music in advance so that you can go to Jason’s or my page and click on our Spotify then everyone who attends will be listening to the same worship music at the same time across the country and around the world.  We have already downloaded many wonderful praise and worship songs for that evening. And I changed my page to the timeline so you can discover spotify much easier.


Please be in prayer too as many will be attending and we expect God to heal those that show up and instant message us during that one hour time frame.  We are trusting God for a fresh anointing according to Psalm 92:10

I hope that you will plan to attend and bring a friend with you who needs a touch from God.  They will need to ask to be friends in advance of the service so that they can be included in the healing prayer.  I have lists and lists of people who have been healed in the past few years, many of them with medical verification too, so God is good and is not limited to having people come to a local church for healing.

Recent healings include back pain, knee pain, foot and ankle recovery after a car accident many years ago, two deaf ears opened – I mean totally deaf, unable to get pregnant and then were pregnant two weeks after the healing service prayer, arthritis, chronic cough, immune system disorders, heart problems, asthma healed, and other breathing problems and so on the list goes, including bad dreams and nightmares dealt with –

We believe that all things are possible with God, including prayer on a social network like Facebook.  So Come out Tuesday night July 17th and participate and pray and see what God can do and may want to do thru you too.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Healing Service- Tuesday July 17th

  1. This sounds awesome I have downloaded spotify which is new to me. Naomi comes home from the Phillipines so maybe she can listen with me.

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