Guidelines for Facebook Healing Service Tonight 7/17/2012 8:00 p.m CSDST

First – be in prayer all day – not just for you if you need prayer but for many others. It is important that you not engage in unhealthy spiritual things today but focus on God as often as you can in preparation.  Read your bible if you can – listen to some praise music – stay in an attitude of prayer and repentance.  Don’t be involved in intentional sin and then come on facebook and expect anything to happen.  Psalm 66:18 says if I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord won’t hear me.  Acts 3:19 says – Repent and be converted so that your sins may be blotted out so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.


When I lead healing services I often tell people that it they just get into God’s presence they can get well, and some as they come forward for prayer, walk right into his presence and tell me that they were going to ask for prayer for something, but suddenly feel great.  Psalm 16:11 – In His presence is fullness of joy, and at his right hand are pleasures forevermore.  Fullness of joy includes being pain free and disease free etc. so start believing now and begin go get into His presence even before 8:00 Central Daylight Savings Time.

3 John says that  (GOD) has no greater joy than to hear that his children are walking in truth.  Nothing brings more joy to our Savior and King than for us to be walking in the truth.  And I know when I am happy with my son, I get into a giving mood.  God is always in a giving mood, but some things like faith and walking in truth trigger a faster response.

When you come on facebook, get on a bit early and go to my page or Jason West – my son and click on our spotify link so that you can be listening to the same praise and worship music that we are – that way people around the world will be listening and worshipping to the same songs simultaneously.  I have had hits on my web site from 19 nations so I know that many people are at least interested and maybe will be showing up – its going to be fun to worship God this way and see some people get well.

Let me remind you that some will experience instant healings and others it may manifest later.  I just read a note on facebook about Roland Baker praying for someone and that person got well when they returned to their home -but not at the crusade.  Personally I see a lot of people get well instantly, but also a lot get well later.  Recently I prayed for a deaf ear to open and it did not happen for three days – then suddently popped open.  Same with a crippled foot, two days later the foot and toes were touching the ground. I do not understand all of these mysteries, but I don’t have too – I just keep praying for others to get well.

Most of the prayers of Jesus were short, and there will be a lot of people asking for prayer at once, so our prayers may be a bit short – but maybe not – Jesus said in John 5:19 that he only did what he saw the father doing – so in each case, we will pray as we are led.  When the prayer  appears on your screen, place one hand on the screen as a point of contact and place your other hand on your body where the disease is affecting you the most and then pray the prayer out loud – The bible says, Let the redeemed of the Lord say so – so – it is important that you not just read the prayer but read it out loud – faith comes by hearing… not just reading – If you understand this  – say out loud – I get it brother Jay – Amen!

Be patient as there could be many people asking for prayer at once and to be honest I do not know what the facebook limit is for instant messages happening at once.  So you may have to send a private message and we will read those and pray over those too with written responses even after the one hour time limit is up for the healing service.

When you write your prayer request – please just list the name of the disease if there is one, and the symptoms – for instance- some people just have back pain but no name of a disease – others may have fybromyalgia, with pain in several places – so go ahead and tell us where – BUT DO NOT TELL US YOUR STORY.  Your story is important to you and we understand that everyone has a story, but even when leading healing services in person, I stop people when they start to share their story of how it began and how many doctors they have been too, and how much medicine they have taken and what this and that etc etc – and I stop them – and if you write your story – I won’t take time to read it because of the volume of people that may want prayer – and will just hit delete – because I won’t have time to find in your note where the name of the disease is or what the symptoms are.  We aren’t trying to be mean, but you must understand that while the story is very important to you – it really does not help us who are praying for you to get well.


Be in prayer all day

Get ready spiritually speaking prior to the prayer time

Be Patient

Contact us however you want on facebook

Some prayers will be short – some longer than others – don’t be discouraged by the length of the prayers.  One of the prayers of Jesus was – Rise up and walk!

Lay one hand on the screen and the other on your body and pray the prayer out loud – maybe several times if you feel like it

Get in God’s presence and walk in His truth – remember the anointing of the Holy Spirit will destroy the Yoke of Bondage. – not break it – but destroy  it.

Click on Spotify so you can listen in -if you have not signed up for spotify, you won’t be able to listen

Don’t tell us your story – just name the disease and the symptoms for us

Pray for us during the day – I won’t be on facebook much as I will be preparing in other ways – so if you have a question, send me a note privately or respond to the blog.

Be in prayer for others – not just yourselves – Luke 6:38 – Give and it shall be given back to you, pressed down running over….. so I tell people whatever they need to give it away – if you need joy, give it away, if you need love, give it away, if you need money, give it away, if you need prayer, give it away.

We are believing that many will get well tonight.  And the still others will get well soon after we pray.  We understand, that not everyone may experience healing tonight and there are many variables as to why this could happen, but I do trust God that some will experience relief, healing and improvement regarding the symptoms they are dealing with.  For me I battled a disease that has no known cure that the doctors said I would have the rest of my life, and pain was my number one symptom.  I would have pain 24/7 and often wake myself up at night crying, and I was prayed for over and over and over – and it lasted for three very long years – and I can’t explain why it took that long – but this I know, I have been well now for 21 years of something the doctors said I would never get well from.  So God does heal… and I have pages and pages of testimonies of healings many with medical verification, and some will be listed in my new book coming  out in August about Word’s of Knowledge.

I am excited about tonight and hope you are too.

Oh – one more thing – we will be typing fast and I have not spell checked this document and won’t take time tonight when typing to make sure everything is spelled correctly – but will trust that you will not be offended if words are not spelled correctly, but instead will trust the faith behind the prayer and believe that God is hearing it as we write them and as you read them OUT LOUD!

Thank you for the honor of praying for you.  We are believing the best!  We know you are too!

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