Kingdom Encounter DNA

Kingdom Encounter DNA Our Purpose (Why We Exist): To become a place that anyone can come to and fully become what God intends them to be. And provide places to Encounter God in a safe place for personal growth but in a dangerous place that moves away from traditional religious stuff that happens in some churches.


Our Vision (What We Want to Become): To become a Biblically functioning community of believers so that Christ’s redemptive purposes can be accomplished in this world.

Our Mission (What We Plan to Accomplish): To be a movement of people with the DNA of Jesus inhabiting and influencing every nook and cranny of culture and society in our communities. Discipleship is a priority.

Reaching lost people: It was Jesus’ top priority. It’s ours as well. Intentional life transformation: God loves us just the way we are but too much to leave us this way.

Excellence: Jesus gave His best and He was perfect. We want to be excellent in all we do. We want to give our best, but because we are not perfect, we offer grace generously when mistakes happen.

Cultural relevance: Jesus became a real person to minister to real people. We will deliver His message in the most culturally relevant way possible.

Serving in the name of Jesus: We serve people because Jesus first served us.

Lingering Worship with the Gifts of the Spirit available during our gatherings for healing and other options that God may choose.

Transformational Bible Teaching: The Bible is God’s Word and is to be used for transformation, not just information. It is our ultimate authority for living and leading.

Prayer: We will encourage prayer in the life of every Jesus-follower and build strategic prayer into the church’s life and leadership.

Authentic Biblical Communities: Life change happens best in the context of relationships. We offer opportunities to build relationships in larger settings but always encourage Christians to be part of smaller groups where real life transformation is the normal thing.

Generosity: Our God has been extremely generous with us, and so we want to be generous with the world around us.

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Encounter DNA

  1. GoGod , Hes Worthy to be Praised, Bless you and the family of God . Remember the song Back to the Garden ” here we go…

    • Thanks for posting and being an encouragement to me – I hopw you will tell your friends about the site and share the link I am not familiar with Back to the Garden by I like the title as I have a CD called Biblical Gardens and Gardens is a hobby of mine –

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