Two Week’s Notice – July 25th – Wonderful Kingdom Opportunities

Two Week’s NoticeJuly 25th  – A Very Special Day – (see below)

A Ministry Report of Anointed 2 GO MdM  (Multi-denominational Ministries)

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God has been doing some great things these past two weeks that I would like to share.

New Book Information:

I am about 4 to 5 weeks away from printing of my new book about Word’s of Knowledge. These should be available toward the end of August.  I hope to have and duplicate a teaching CD to accompany the book.  As we get nearer to the release date, I will forward the title and suggested donation – cost information to those who would like to join others who have pre-ordered copies.

New Worship CD:

Our son Jason will also be releasing his new worship CD sometime in mid to late August as well.  The album has 12 songs and I know you are going to enjoy it.  He has spent many hours praying, writing, recording, and formatting the CD with a standard of excellence for all to enjoy the Lord’s presence.

Prayer Blog and Prayer Room:

Jason has also launched his own prayer blog called “Chronicles of Prayer” and it can be located on the upper left side of my website.  Additionally he is working on painting and furnishing a new two-room prayer center on the campus of Grace University.

We are grateful to God for these many opportunities.

Website Statistics:

In the first four months that I have had this blog or website, I had approximately 1100 hits, but in July alone I have had over 1500 hits from 25 countries.  So you can see that the Kingdom Messages are blessing others in many places.  Please sign up for your email reminders.

Facebook Healing Service:

This was something new, that I have never participated in before and so we were not sure how it would go or turn out.  Jason and I were both on laptops on my page and Diane was recording the number of people we prayed for. We actually prayed for between 50 and 60 people in an hour, (with many people having several requests) by first receiving their prayer requests and then we would write out a prayer response, then pray it out loud together as a family while laying our hands on the monitor and then sending it back to the person who sent it, asking them to also read the prayer out loud while touching their monitors as well.

We used Spotify on Facebook for Worship so that all who wanted could be listening to the same praise and worship that we were.

Initially, no one got well, and in fact, many got worse the first day, but then the second, third and fourth days, I began to receive healing reports from people all over the world.  I don’t know the reason for this other than to say that it has been suggested many times that Lucifer may have some control of the airwaves, and if that is so, then like in the book of Daniel when the answer from the Lord was delayed in being delivered, this too could have been the case with everyone who received prayer.  Of course I am only speculating, but it is one possibility.

However, we are eternally grateful to God for every person who received healing, and we were honored to pray for so many people, that really did need a special touch from God.

Upcoming Schedule:

  • 7/29 – Community Covenant Church, Omaha, NE – Sunday Morning Service with Healing Emphasis – approximately 157th and Q St.
  • 8/3 – Kingdom Encounter, Bellevue, NE – 7:15 p.m.

Prayer Requests:

  • Diane still needs a teaching position for this fall, after her school closed in May
  • For book publishing to go smoothly including the final formatting, cover design proofing and printing.
  • Fresh Anointing for upcoming services and ministry opportunities
  • More Speaking Engagements in August as there are a number of open dates:
  • Thanksgiving for a pretty full schedule in September.
  • Thanksgiving for 431 commitments to the Lord this year.  (My goal is 1000 for the year)
  • Thanksgiving for July 25th – A Very Special Day.

July 25th:

A Very Special Day as we conclude 12 years of ministry based here in Omaha and begin our 13th year.  God has been good to us, and so we continue….

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