Facebook Healing Service- Tuesday July 17th

Hey Friends – God has been supplying so much healing lately and even through text messages on the phone and instant messages on facebook where I would write out a prayer and the person got well in moments after reading the prayer.

So my son Jason and I are going to lead a healing service on Facebook this Tuesday evening beginning at 8:00 p.m Central Standard Time for one hour.  We encourage you to sign up for spotify music in advance so that you can go to Jason’s or my page and click on our Spotify then everyone who attends will be listening to the same worship music at the same time across the country and around the world.  We have already downloaded many wonderful praise and worship songs for that evening. And I changed my page to the timeline so you can discover spotify much easier.


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A little “Something” about “Nothing being Impossible” with God

With God “nothing” is impossible – so that means that with God something is always possible – because nothing is nothing – and nothing is definitely not something and there isn’t anything there if nothing is there – so if there isn’t anything there, then nothing is there, and that in itself is impossible for God because nothing is impossible with God – you just can’t have nothing with God – He always has something or created something or made something, and originally even that which was made was made out of nothing which as I said before is impossible – (by Jay West)

You should have seen their smile

Hello Friends – so much is happening and so rapidly – it is amazing – more and more healings continue to be documented and proclaimed.  I get healing reports almost daily.  And some healing has been happening from just writing out texts or emails for people and they get well as they read the prayer.  This has happened several times in the past few weeks.  I also get 25 to 50 healing prayer requests a week outside of services.

Two Separate Deaf Ears Opened in Two Weeks – In Omaha Nebraska

Jesus was so amazing today – this is a gotta read!
A Deaf Ear Opened today at the healing service at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in La Vista NE –  – this is the 2nd deaf ear to open in two weeks.  We had so many healings – lots and lots of pain issues, neck, knees, wrists, backs, etc – some got well just coming up front into His presence without being prayed for – one lady had pain while breathing and she was completely healed – another lady told me that I had been at that church 22 weeks ago and I prayed that she and her husband would get pregnant and she was now 20 weeks pregnant.   I also learned that another lady I prayed for last year to get pregnant and have her baby before Christmas actually happened too.

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