~~~Wonderful Healings ~~ New Book ~~ New Worship CD ~~~

A strange and wonderful thing happened yesterday – I announced that the formatting of my book was complete and that it will go to printing next week – then a friend pre-purchased one book and I put that note here on facebook and then 15 more copies were …pre-sold – that is really incredible – its a nice anniversary gift too in that Diane and I are celebrating our 33rd today – The book is 14 chapters and a collection of biblical teaching and many stories (some very humorous) about accurate words of knowledge and hearing from God.  The Cover design is really nice and the title so many people really like – “Downloads from Heaven”  Everything is copyrighted, approved, barcoded with ISBN numbers etc – all the necessary stuff that needs to happen for a book to be published
Jason actually came up with the title for my book and I came up with the title for his new worship CD which starts duplication this week too.  His album is called ~~Running Free~~.  12 great original worship songs including one old hymn put to a new tune, and two songs directed towards Mother’s and Fathers – one each – plus a Christmas song – his CD will cost $15 as will my book.  If you are interested in Pre ordering from us, just send us a note either on here, or on facebook or to our email and we can give you the information.
I see God’s hand in all of this and stand amazed that my blog now has hits from 32 countries and that I have over 40 CD’s and DVD’s produced now – The Healings continue at a rapid pace – even on facebook where I have hosted healing services and many people post back the next day or two days later about how God touched them and healed them and gave testimony of His goodness and faithfulness.
There truly have been healings at every service I have been honored to lead since attending the Healing Seminar at Bethel Church last January with Bill Johnson and Randy Clark.  I have known Randy for many years by email because of our Vineyard connections, but it was a joy to meet him in person there in Redding last January.  I will be returning to the Leadership  Advance at Bethel church in Redding later in October.  I saw regular healings prior to the seminar too – but the frequency has gone way up and now roughly 75% of the people I am blessed and honored to pray for get well.  Over 6000 people have been healed in the past eight years – God is all over this – blasting people and  breaking into their lives through healing.  Healing is an amazing evangelistic tool and will be featured in the next book that I am already working on.
Every healing is important, but some of the more noticeable ones are deaf ears opening, ringing in the ears subsiding, crippled feet being restored, arthritis healed, cancer eliminated, couples unable to get pregnant, get pregnant one to two weeks later, all sorts of eye problems healed like floaters, shooting stars, blurred vision, cataracts, unable to tear, also allergies, lots and lots of metal healings where people have metal in their bodies like pins, screws, plates, bolts, etc – to help a condition but metal often then manifests in pain, cold, and numbness- and many people have received much relief, also heart conditions, lumps decreasing, cists being healed, skin conditions, and many of these with medical verification too – too much to list here – but suffice it to say, we are just a tool and an instrument in God’s hand as the healing is entirely from Him – we take no credit, but enjoy the hugs.
And while I have openings in August to minister, September is filling up and  October is starting to fill up too – its a blessing to serve others and people in the body of Christ this way, but to also minister to and help those who do not have a relationship with Jesus to come into that opportunity.  So far this year I have been blessed to lead nearly 500 people to Jesus and my goal is 1000 for the year so God is definitely up to some great things.
Thanks God for all of these great and awesome gifts and opportunities – Now we are going to our church for the annual outreach where 1400 backpacks filled with school supplies will be given away plus many many wonderful gifts given by the local stores and business, bikes repaired for kids free food and drink for the anticipate 6000 people who will attend – thats right, around 6000 visitors are expected on our church parkinglot – everything is free- to bless and encourage – including two amazing presentations of the Gospel – check out www.enwc.net for more information as hundreds always get saved right there on the parkinglot – its all good
Thanks to everyone who reads these blogs and for signing up friends – that is a great blessing just to be refered to others – and please leave a comment too – I read every one of them and value what others are saying.

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