Spontaneous Prayer – Prepraying for Life Today – and Any Day that You need God’s Help!

Father – I pray in the calming and assuring name of Jesus right now that each person who reads this prayer will be blessed and see your hand of provision in what they are needing today.  I pray according to Psalm 32 that they are surrounded with mercy and surrounded with songs of deliverance.  Lord protect each person from the enemy today as they submit themselves to you according to James 4:7 and that as they submit, they encounter you in a strong way that enables them to resist the devil and he will flee from them – yes, he will indeed flee from them as they activate this verse in their lives.  Lord help us to repent according to Acts 3:19 so that our sins may be blotted out so that times of refreshing may come from being with you. Lord we need refreshing this day.

Jesus, I ask that your unending and unfailing love flow to each person in such a magnificent way today that encourages each reader to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are indeed with them, and they need not fear anything – you tell us over and over in your word not to fear, and the number one reason that you give is because you are with us. We need not fear what we can’t see or what we think might happen in the future.  Help us to remember that the shadow of a dog never bit anyone.  Help us not to be anxious but to pray and seek your face and to seek your ways above all else and then your peace which passes all understanding will keep our hearts and  minds in you Jesus.

We thank you Lord that your mercy is new every morning and that you indeed have great faithfulness.  Thanks God for not letting us down.  We trust you for an answer.  We recognize that the word answer appears in the bible 366 times, just enough for each day of the year even in a leap year like 2012 when this spontaneous prayer is written.  God you are indeed so faithful.  You are amazing!  I am thrilled to know you and to walk with you.

We love you Jesus and you are amazing! What a huge blessing you are in our lives.  We could not make it without you and we thank you for the many benefits and many blessings that you give us daily that in many cases we do not even recognize as coming from you.  We desire to walk in your shadow with your shadow overshadowing us just like the your shadow overshadowed Mary when she bacame pregnant with Jesus- what a joy it is to carry the very presence of the Lord with us too.  Not as a baby like Mary, but just carrying the presence of the Lord Jesus in our hearts.  Acts 17 says that in him we live and move and have our being and Colossians says, this is the hope of glory, Christ in us. Thank you God for both options.  WOW – I am blessed today –

Holy Spirit we invite your presence to move among us and to live inside of us and to flow through us this day. We pray that we do not become a stagnant pool or a swamp, but that we are indeed a river that flows and releases the presence and the Kingdom of God wherever we find ourselves.  We desire to be a special conduit for you and to see you working in us and through us to touch others, expanding and advancing the Kingdom of God in ways that really produce much fruit because you said we would be recognised by our fruit.  And we know that you give the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit so help us to stir up that gift that we have put in a box on the shelf for another season.  The season is now and we need to stir it up and let it produce a harvest so that God is pleased by our faith and that the Kingdom of God grows rapidly in these last days.  Thank you that we can indeed do all things through Christ who gives us strength.  Lord stengthen that which is strong and that which is weak this day.

We ask for a fresh anointing today according to Psalm 92:10 and that everyone we meet, every business deal, every personal contact, every family and church opportunity will be filled with the anointing to accomplish that task and carry out that assignment in ways that only you could figure out and only you could accomplish working inside of us with your anointing that flows with energy, life, abundance, healing, and deliverance to all who need it this day.  God you are soooo awesome!

Lord I thank you for each person who might read this spontaneous prayer and ask that you bless and encourage businesses, and families and churches, and cities and nations.  Bless and encourage those in ministry and on the mission field and in schools training to be in ministry.  Stengthen and solidify churches this day and take away division and lack of love and lack of cooperation and let unity prevail because according to your word, unity is where you command a blessing.  We all need to live within your blessing, and not outside of it.

I pray for business leaders and those with great vision to discover ways to release and produce that vision into something that glorifies You God and also pushes back darkness and promotes Light while simultaneously prospering those with the vision into something great and spectacular for your use Lord.

We know that many are struggling with financial issues and healing problems, so we ask that each person who reads this prayer today has a fantastic day and that things begin to turn around today tomorrow and the next day – over three days that things begin to change- we are seeking the miraculous here knowing that you are a mirculous kind of God – and we are soooooo grateful.  Lord we choose to be givers even in the midst of tough economic times. We choose to trust your word.  We choose to sow rather than complaining and whining about our situation. We choose to trust you because we know that trust is a must.  It really is all about you Lord, and we are sorry for our previous actions that made it seem all about us.  We truly want to make a difference in the lives of others today, and maybe, just maybe even see someone else acknowledge you as savior and Lord and yes, as Saving Lord – what a great opportunity that would be so we ask that Galatians 6:10 be in operation in our lives today – thank you Jesus for the opportunities that you will set before us today.  We look forward to seing great things happen.  We ask you to come live BIG in us so that we can live BIG for you.

God we love you and our desire is to serve you this day – I pray that as we step out and away from this blog and do our tasks and participate in life, that your abundant life will be shared, shown and displayed for all to see.  We give you glory and honor as prayers of healing begin to manifest right now – i speak against pain and inflamation and command it to be dispelled and to disappear and vanish.  Lord with your presence is fullness of joy, and when we are pain free and have freedom from disease and sickness, that joy sure does fill us up and we are so thankful.  I pray that eyes and ears progress in a way that brings new healing and better seeing and hearing.

I pray against breathing illness and ask you Lord to open air passages for people to breath better and that you are glorified in their healing.  I pray against stomach problems and heartburn and ulcers and ask for complete healing.  I pray against women’s physical issues and ask that cramps and pain be eliminated this day in the powerful name of Jesus.  I pray for back pain and shoulder and neck pain to diminish in a quick way and that relief flows and follows where pain once had rule.  Lord for those with skin conditions, please change that physical environment and bring your healing and restoration where it is needed.  I ask that dental problems be fixed by your right hand.  I pray for healing of chronic conditions including coughs and ask that each person who had chronic conditions sees great improvement so that chronic healing and wonderful life becomes the norm.  Lord, I do not even know if chronic healing is a good thing to ask for so I ask that according to Eph 3:20 and 21 that you do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that we could ask or think of.

I speak to joint pain and to specific pain, coldness and numbness caused by metal in people’s bodies, to now subside and disappear and that normal useage returns – anyone afflicted with metal discomfort, Lord I ask that you do a supernatural miracle on their behalf and take away those symptoms and give them fluidity, free movement without cold, negative sensitivity and numbness and pain – let all of those be gone right now in the name of Jesus and let healing flow like a river not a swamp but a river recognizing that what makes a river a river is flow – so we ask for more flow of you in our lives in every area and we thank you and thank you and thank you – unlike the nine lepers, who did not return to thank you, we choose to thank you this day, and walk by faith and we make it our aim to be well pleasing to you this day in the mighty and powerful and fulfilling and healing and prospering name of Jesus, Amen

And Lord I ask for a simple P.S. to this prayer and pray for peace in people’s lives right now – let your peace be in operation and provide incredible calmness and let gentleness and kindness be the norm this day without stress, worry, fear and anxiety.  Help us to remember according to Psalm 37:8 that fretting only causes harm and we want to run away from harms way and trust in you – so we choose to not worry, and not fret, but just pray to you and ask for peace to totally cover us this day   – and now we say amen again, agreeing with this prayer and trusting you Jesus – yes we agree – amen.

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