Don’t Abort the Vision, the Promise, or the Action

A very good friend of mine in Los Angeles sent me an email this morning – her name is Pia Hugo and she gave me permission to repost what she wrote to me here on the blog.  I believe it will benefit others who read it.  I was blessed to minister with her to over 400 public high school students this past Spring in the Los Angeles area and she refers to some of that in her post, but basically, her response is to a number of vicious attacks we have been experiencing financially, health wise and relationship wise – it seems that the enemy is very mad and upset over the release of my new book this week called “Downloads from Heaven”, along with our commitment to reaching 1000 people for Jesus this year and our strong commitment to see more and more people healed by the power of God. And coupled with that is Jason’s new worship album released called “Running Free.” So with that in mind and without sharing further details on how the various attacks are manifesting in our lives, let me cut and paste Pia’s email below – I pray it is helpful to others that read it and/or perhaps it is something that you may want to refer to a friend who is experiencing similar trials and difficult situations.

Hello Brother Jay!

Since receiving this email yesterday, I have been in distress over you and I have been praying for you and asking the Lord to reveal to me what is happening. This morning, as I was doing my devotionals, this quote from Rick Joyner’s book, “The Harvest” jumped out at me:

“It is an age-old tactic of the enemy to try to devour what God is bringing forth while it is still in its infancy. We see this in Revelation 12:16, as the dragon waited for the woman to give birth so that he might devour the child. We see this principle with the birth of Moses and Satan’s attempt to destroy the deliverer by destroying the male infants of Israel. This was a prophetic parallel of his strategy to destroy the infant Jesus in the same way. We also see this in his attempt to destroy any coming last-day ministry…”

Then I read Peter 1:6-7: “In this you greatly rejoice, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials, that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

My understanding of all this is that you are indeed going through many trials and passing through many fires that may seem almost unbearable (to the point that holding on to your joy seems almost impossible) but as you rightly discerned, this is one big TEST before God truly brings you into the next stage of your ministry which will be your greatest one yet.

Do you remember when you were at my house here in California and when you prayed for me, I immediately fell and started “giving birth” (a physical manifestation when under the Spirit that is not uncommon for me).  The Word of the Lord at that time was loud and clear: “No abortions!”  Remember this?

I knew in my heart that God was getting ready to “birth” a new ministry in me and I knew nothing could stop it.  No abortions–despite what the enemy tried to do or say to me to discourage me and cause me to doubt.  Well, long story short, that new ministry has since begun.  Those high school kids you ministered to while you were here have gone through intensive spiritual training this summer as I, along with those area pastors whom you also met, have been meeting with them.  This new school year has barely begun and we are already seeing new fruit as a result.  These same kids are meeting for prayer every week, evangelizing their classmates with new boldness, and planning activities for the year that will make Jesus even more known at their high schools.  Never before have so many schools and so many churches in my area come together for one purpose: to seek and save the lost among the youth here in L.A. and to glorify Jesus alone…it is truly so exciting to watch and I’m so glad you got to be a small part of that while you were here (they all still remember you and think of you fondly)!

You were there at the birth of this important new ministry in my life and now I want to encourage you to hold on and continue to have great faith that the birth of an important new ministry is about to come forth in your own life.  Just as I went through my own trials and tribulations to see the birth of this crucial ministry God has been preparing me for (I came here in L.A. in 1991 to be with Che Ahn and Lou Engle for a city-wide revival and it has taken 20+ years for it to actually start to happen)…so are you going through your present trials and tribulations to further prepare you for an even greater ministry than you’ve ever seen!  I believe with all my heart that you are called to be one of the chosen carriers of revival fire in your area and that is why Satan is working double-time to “kill” your spirit and quench your fire…as if that is even possible!

Remember, Jay, NO ABORTIONS!  It does not matter what the enemy tries to throw your way, I know you and your family WILL prevail and light will soon break forth for it is always darkest before the dawn.  The birth of this new ministry is underway even now and the pains you are experiencing are simply labor pains.  Relief is on its way and soon you will marvel at the unique and beautiful ministry which God has been fashioning for you since the beginning of time!

God bless you dear brother and thank you for your humility in sharing your trials…we are one with you in Spirit and are believing for mighty breakthroughs for you!  My husband, Albert, and I and  the high school kids whom you blessed will stand with you till they come!

With much love and respect,

Your sister…Pia

6 thoughts on “Don’t Abort the Vision, the Promise, or the Action

  1. Hi Jay. Thanks much for this post; it WILL bless many (and thank you, Pia, for that email). This reminds me that “we’re all in this together” – a powerful, and encouraging, truth.
    It ‘jumped off the page’ to me how, on your Facebook page, the link to this is posted directly above those awesome “New House” photos, showing the beautiful new landscaping in the backyard. Those pics essentially shout about newness, beauty and life.
    I think this really highlights the fact that, as we deal with the trials and tribulations of life (and it sounds like you’re going thru more than your ‘fair share’ of them, Jay), that we need to remember that Satan loves to not just cause distress in our life, but to rob us of simply enjoying the ‘landscaping’ where new birth IS happening. I know that for me, simply enjoying that ‘new yard’ (not analyzing the spiritual implications of it, figuring out how it can be worked into a sermon, etc. but simply enjoying it) can be a powerful weapon in the spiritual war. Ironic how sometimes we need to simply allow ourselves to enjoy, and rest in, these seemingly-small, God-given blessings.
    Obviously you know this, Jay, but please remember to not let Satan dictate where your attention is focused, robbing you of those ‘little’ blessings, and times of rest that God so wants to give us. Keep up the good work, and let’s remember we’re not alone in this battle.

  2. Jay, At the time we met at Grace Lutheran, perhaps 8 or so years ago, your ministry was the most alive ministry I had the chance to witness back then. And today, based on your reports, your ministry is growing almost at an unimagineable pace. I have to echo Pia’s assessment that you will likely be at the center of some major revivals. My prayers are that Holy Spirit fire will bring about another “awakening” throughout the land, and my hope is that I will be able to attend one of your meetings and greet you in person. In His Love, sid

  3. I totally agree with her. My husband mark mentioned he wanted it to rain and not even 10 minutes later it started raining. I had to tell him, be careful what u wish for, God will make it happen and quickly. He has already proven that to Mark. I want to increase his faith because he believes his physical body issues are permanent. I know they are not, but I need help with prayer to bring it to fruition. I can’t afford for his back to go out when I am full term.

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