FEAR – Face Everything And Rise – plus 7 Secrets of a Phenomenal LIFE

Quotes –

“Inspect what you Expect”

FEAR – “Forget Everything And Run” or “Face Everything And Rise” – (In my book without using these notes, I address these definitions in ways that really made me rely on God in unconventional ways.)

“To be outstanding, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“7 Secrets of a Phenomenal LIFE” – read to the bottom

“One of these days usually means none of these days.”

“Glance at the Problem and Gaze at God.”


In Matthew 16 when Jesus said to Peter, Get thee behind me satan, one of the things Jesus was stressing to Peter, was that Peter was not in charge, but rather Jesus was and that Peter needed to get in line behind Jesus.



I have been so blessed and honored to have around 150 books already out there being read with many readers commenting, and more and more orders coming in weekly, so I thought I would share  some recent reviews from folks who have read my new book “Downloads from Heaven”    

Then I am sharing a worship album review followed by another book review of a friend who is tight with folks like John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar and others you may know.

  • Downloads from Heaven is exciting and captivating yet simple and fun to read. ..Jay begins the book with a dilemma.  He hears an internal voice say, “Get off the plane!  It is going to crash.”  What should he do?  Get off the plane and let the others die?  Ignore the voice?  What would you do?  You need to read quite a ways before you discover what Jay did.  (former NASA Scientist – Ohio)

  • Your book Downloads from Heaven is something else!  It challenges me. It beckons me to come up higher.  It takes time to truly process.  I like how it draws you in and invites you to go deeper, higher… I am finishing $20.00 (chapter 4 title) of how you gave $20 away to a total stranger, but it amazingly changed her life. I have never read another book quite like it. It is a life changing work if we will accept the challenge. I pray that I am up for it. Stuff gets in the way, but there is this definite pull to get more intimate with the Lord. This pull is becoming stronger and stronger, worship sweeter and sweeter, His presence is more beautiful.  It’s great!  Thanks for your part in it! (Land Investors – Nebraska)


  • We read your book right away that weekend and thought it to be great!! Just as an aside, I’m a compulsive proof reader and it is the first book I have read in ages that has not had even one typographical error!! Some books I’ve read published by major publishers have even had several errors. But the content/teaching in the book itself is great. Now I need to go back and read it again, taking it more slowly.   I will also need to buy more copies of your book, so when we meet with our Pastors, I can give them each a copy to read and keep.  (former Military – Nebraska)


  • Reading your book is like having you talk to me in my office or in my church. It is just like you are in the room with me. I really enjoyed it.   God really gave you an amazing gift of helping people understand how God speaks and also understanding the Kingdom altogether.  (Minister – Texas)


Worship Album Recommendation:

Our 20-year-old son Jason has also just released a new worship album called “Running Free”.  This album while including wonderful praise and worship songs, also has one specifically written for me as his Father, (plus fathers and sons everywhere, and ultimately Grand Parents) as the story progresses, and another for (Diane  – my wife and his mother) about Mother’s Day plus a beautiful originally composed Christmas song and a familiar old hymn put to an upbeat melody, concluding with Singing in the Spirit with words that tie in with the first song, “Run with Freedom” that speaks of running the race as a believer, but also has lyrics that Jason knew all too well as a track athlete.   

(Jason travels with me and leads worship, plus is one of the worship team leaders at Grace University where he attends college and serves in a variety of leadership capacities on campus including being the Campus Prayer Coordinator)   He also writes a blog at chroniclesofprayer.wordpress.comthat may interest you as well.

Books and CD’s are available for a suggested donation of $15 each plus $5 for mailing.  You may contact me at anointed2go@cox.net for further instructions.


Recommendation for book by Howard Partridge:


Concluding, I would also like to recommend a book to you by my friend Howard Partridge.  I knew Howard back in the late 80’s when he started a carpet cleaning company out of the trunk of his car and now runs several multi-million dollar businesses.  We use to play tennis and basketball together, and he attended our church. 

Howard is a Godly man and has a great testimony of how God can use one person to change the lives of so many others.  Howard grew up in poverty in Alabama and arrived in Houston with a quarter in his pocket.  I met Howard just after he started his carpet cleaning business.

Howard’s new book, “7 Secrets of a Phenomenal L.I.F.E.” is a book you will want to read and re-read.  It is endorsed by many leaders including Dr. Joseph A. Michelli who wrote the Starbuck Experience, another book that is worth the read too.  Howard is also associated with Zig Ziglar and Dr. John Maxwell best known as one of the top leadership experts in the world, along with Tamara Lowe who runs  the Get Motivated Seminars.

Howard Partridge started his carpet cleaning company out of the trunk of his car and built it up to a 14 truck, turn-key operation billing over $2.8 million per year. He owns three phenomenally successful companies: Clean As A Whistle, Inc. is his cleaning firm in Sugar Land, Texas. Phenomenal Products, Inc. is his training firm dedicated to inspiring cleaners to implement, and Clean As A Whistle Franchising, LLC., offers Clean As A Whistle franchises. For a FREE 30 Minute Business Consultation with Howard Partridge and his FREE Business Building Tip of the Week, visit http://www.HowardPartridge.com or Call 281-634-0404.

Finally, if you have prayer requests or testimonies you would like to share, please include them in the comment section and we will pray for you and we might post your testimonies too.  Remember, God gets the glory and we get the hugs.




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  1. Can’t wait to get your book. I did sent the check. I am so glad you wrote it. That is only the first one, you know. Have a great day. Love you all three of you, Lola

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