75% Hearing Returns, and Ministry to Baptist Pastor, Methodist Pastor, Mormon, Strangers, Prisoners, and….

Jesus is Lord!


I know it is a week early for the Two Week’s Notice, but I just had to send out this cool report for you to rejoice with me about,  plus with ministry this Friday evening for Kingdom Encounter and then two sessions out in Seward Nebraska on Saturday I knew there would then be too much to write about next week,

so I decided to send it in part now.


I had a great and easy 12 hour drive to southwest Kansas and then ministered four separate times there, plus on the way home at a Maximum Security Prison in Tecumseh Nebraska on Monday.  I also wrote a brand new article in my  blog at the hotel the first night.  It is called, “Don’t Quit” and can be found here at www.anointed2go.com if you have not read it or want to share it with someone else.  The fountain picture below is a vivid reminder of how God will flow through us if we Don’t Quit.







My host home was way out in the country, seven miles out a dirt road where each evening I encountered skunks and coyotes on my journey there. 


  • Thursday Night I ministered and taught at the local Aglow meeting on a brand new subject of “Vision to move from Sermon based meetings to Presence Based Meetings.”  It was a great night of ministry.


  • Friday Afternoon I taught an inter-denominational study for people from ten different churches on “Willing to Yield.”  This was very well attended and many commented on how the word and teaching opened their eyes to possibilities that God wants to do in this rural community.  I was also blessed to meet with some new folks that evening at McDonalds where I had a word of knowledge about their business and then prayed into that word for and with them.  I gave them a copy of one of my CD’s too.


  • Saturday evening I taught on another new topic that I actually studied and prepared earlier that day called “The Hireling” from John 10.  There were two local pastors in attendance including a Methodist Pastor and a Baptist Pastor.  During prayer  ministry, the Baptist Pastor fell out under the power of God and later sent me a thank you email for the teaching and experience that he had with the Holy Spirit.  The Methodist pastor also expressed his desire to learn more about the Holy Spirit and both seemed very hungry for more of God.  At that service, I felt led to pray for a lady I have known for a number of years and she wears hearing aids in both ears, but took them out as I prayed for her.  I then would have her cover one ear and then the other standing close to her and speaking certain words as I gradually moved away from her and had her repeat the words.    She was able to repeat 75% of the words very accurately and definitely had a healing touch in her ears.  This was really amazing.  Another man who had been experiencing really bad back pain stated that when he got up from the floor that all of the pain had disappeared.  Praise God.


  • Sunday Morning I taught without any notes and just had some bible passages marked in my bible.  It ended up being a very energetic and fun message on “How to have a Kingdom Mindset” with lots of joy and laughter plus amazing ministry where the whole congregation came forward for prayer, and everyone fell under the power of God, including children, youth and adults, most without me even praying for them or touching them as they got into the presence of the Lord.  One man who was there, is a Mormon.  He actually experienced this twice. The lady with the jeep is the worship leader at this rural church.


Another man asked me just prior to the service starting at 10:30 if it would be over by 11:30 because he wanted to go watch a pro-football game, but later after he got up from the floor told me that this experience with God was so much better than any football game he could have watched.


The drive home was tough and hard for several reasons, and once again, I realized the need for better prayer covering when heading home.  Often the host church along with some of you are praying as I go to a place, but on Mondays when people go back to work, the prayer covering often gets overlooked, and there were some problems.  The truck below belongs to one of the Elders at this rural church.  He hunts coyotes but also has to keep them away from his sheep and buffalo that he raises.


  • Monday Night, one of the highlights was ministering in a Nebraska State Prison from 5:00 p.m. until almost 8:00 p.m. where I really connected with four men and anticipate returning again as often as I can get there.  I taught them a variety of things as the Lord would direct me and it really was a great and wonderful experience.  We laughed and prayed a lot too.  I then drove the last two hours home for a longer drive of nearly nine hours on that day, and I am glad to be home.


God blessed me to sell 13 more of my books which brings the total up to nearly 200.  I need to sell 250 to  break even, so please continue to pray into that for me.  The book is called “Downloads from Heaven” and is about how to hear God’s voice specifically through Words of Knowledge.  A  number of friends have written me sharing that while reading the book, they said it was like I was sitting right there next to them sharing the stories and contents of the book.  That is a wonderful compliment. 

The persistent cough that I have had for the last four weeks finally broke on the way home too so that was a blessing.  God is good and I am grateful for these many opportunities to minister to so many different people in so many different walks with the Lord.  I believe I got to minister to people from 15 different denominations on this particular trip, plus two pastors, several strangers, and a variety of other folks too, including some hunters up from Texas.


  • We could also use prayer for finances with Diane not working this year due to her school closing, we have more challenges for us financially, by not having her teaching salary  God continues to bless us in so many ways and we are always grateful for his provision in our lives.


Jason’s worship CD “Running Free” continues to sell well and Jason is doing wonderfully well this semester in college.  We have both been blessed and enthused to see people purchasing extra copies of my book and his CD to give as gifts to others during the upcoming Christmas Season.


Thanks for your prayers, financial support and friendship – it means so much to me.  I am humbled and very grateful.


Ministry Schedule:

Friday – Nov 16 – Kingdom Encounter – Bellevue, NE 7:15 p.m.- see picture directly above.

Saturday – Nov 17 – Bread of Life Ministry, Seward, NE 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Warmly and Sincerely,

Pastor Jay W. West

Anointed 2 GO MdM (Multi-denominational Ministries)

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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