The Cashier began to cry stating this was one of the nicest things she had ever seen…

Galatians 6:10 says, “As you have the opportunity, do good unto all men, especially the household of faith.”  And Leonard Ravenhill once said, “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.” 
This past Friday while at a local grocery store, the elderly lady behind my son Jason accidentally bumped him with her cart, and we struck up a conversation with her as I was checking out – and my groceries were just being paid for and she kiddingly said I could pay for hers, and I agreed, but then she stated she was only kidding based on our conversation but I responded that I wasn’t kidding and wanted to do it. Of course she resisted.
I asked her if she was on a fixed income and she said yes, then I told her about another time I offered to pay for someone’s groceries  in that same store and how people came up to me and thanked me for assisting, even strangers talking to me 4 weeks later as they saw me and remembered the incident – then I asked if she had heard of Obama Care, and I followed up and said that my last name was West and that this was West Care. 
At this point our lady cashier began to cry stating that this was one of the nicest things she had ever seen so I asked her just to scan the lady’s groceries which was not all that much and I quickly paid for them too  – then the lady was so nice and thanking us and stating God Bless you and the cashier ran out of the room crying just telling everyone how nice we were and the rest of the folks in line seemed to be showing their approval too and all we really tried to do was encourage this lady and extend the Kingdom of God which then gave us an opportunity to talk to her more in the parking lot –
This all happened after praying with someone for healing across the street at Menards hardware store – where we encountered someone who needed healing – and actually did not know it when we struck up a conversation with her, but then asked if she needed prayer and she told us about a disease she was battling and had taken antibiotics, but then the disease would come back, so her routine was ongoing antibiotics with some relief but then more medicine.  So Jason and I prayed for her at the entrance of the store while people were coming in.  It was a fun afternoon.
As a family we don’t plan to give each other Christmas gifts, but we are looking for ways to bless and encourage  others, and maybe make their holidays a little brighter and a little nicer and where we can, we will extend love and hospitality, and advance the Kingdom of God with the opportunities that He presents to us, even when accidentally bumped by a grocery cart. 
As I stated above, total strangers approached me several weeks later remembering the previous time we had offered to help someone in that grocery store.  One time on an airplane I was witnessing about God to the person sitting next to me and at one point I felt led to ask if they wanted prayer to get closer to God, and as I was about to pray, someone behind me tapped me on the shoulder, which I originally wondered what that was all about, but in turning around, the person behind us simply asked if they could be included in that prayer.  So you never know who is watching, and you never know what kind of opportunity God might open up, but if we are open and receptive, I believe the Holy Spirit will present potential for wonderful Kingdom Encounters every day.
What opportunities will you catch or miss this holiday season?  I hope you catch a lot of them and make a difference in the lives of others. 
In Acts 10:38 we are told that Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit and went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil.  And so often many people center in on the miraculous but miss the aspect of just doing good.  We are anointed to do good. 
There is actually some more stories likes this in my new book, “Downloads from Heaven”  So many great ways to serve, bless and encourage the Lord through simple opportunities that He presents to us.
I Hope You Have An Amazing Day!  By the way, my name is Jay West and I approve this message.

2 thoughts on “The Cashier began to cry stating this was one of the nicest things she had ever seen…

  1. wow pastor jay

    that was so touching..  tugging at my heart.. i did something similar one day at a gas station i noticed a young girl in carter lake counting change for gas.. 1.00 dollar and some change for gas. i only had 16.00 on my but i went up to here outside after she was pumping her gas and told her the Lord wanted me to give her 5.00 more dollars to add to her gas…  she threw her arms around me and said the week prior, she had just given her life to Christ.  i walked away tellling her, God bless you  and i felt more blessed than i had in a very long time….   GO GOD

    i was thankful that HE used me that way.. it blessed me beyond measure… i havent told this story  to many people.. but you reminded me of it.

    thanks for sharing your story… you are an awesome man of God and im blessed to be your sister in Christ… love you & your family!!

    Happy Holidays to you & may the Lord continue to richly bless you all !!!

    in His grace,

    Laurie. DeMarco


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