Revival in Omaha Nebraska

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If you haven’t heard there is a revival going on in Omaha Nebraska that started spontaneously last Monday – tonight is the 8th night.  Kris Kildosher from the healing rooms at Bethel Church in Redding CA came to speak and is still here.  Each night the room is packed out with adults and students – many high school students from public schools in the area have attended and encountered Jesus.  Healings happen every night in dramatic form and casual ways – many students from high schools and now colleges who were big skeptics of healing or that God speaks today have since changed their minds.

A recent note on the Omaha HUB Facebook page from a parent reads like this:

My son goes to Millard High North, and the revival is becoming a hot topic of conversation!! Kids are getting saved, healed delivered!!! Go God!!! All gory to you King Jesus!!!! Thank you for what you’re doing in our city!!!

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Bethel Church in Redding has now sent in an additional staff person to help.  Its hard to explain in writing all the amazing things that are happening, but it is contagious with Joy and God and thanksgiving and healing and encounters with the Kingdom of God.  You can access my facebook page for lots of photos or ask to be added in on the Omaha Hub group page too – Services begin each night at 6:30 p.m. and generally last until 11 or 12.  You know it is God when high school students and college students will come to an event night after night and stay for four or more hours.  HUB 8

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3 thoughts on “Revival in Omaha Nebraska

  1. The whole world needs an encounter with Jesus ! Amen to what u are doing in Omaha. Amazing Lord let the FIRE of GOD spread everywhere and to Norco and Rancho Cucamonga California !!! Selah !

    • Yes…AMEN to everything going on in your neck of the woods, Jay! This is what we have all been waiting for 🙂 I claim this for Los Angeles CA as well!!!

      • Thanks Pia – always a joy to hear from you – I think of you at each service because of the number of high school students attending this revival from public high schools in the area – God Bless you and greet my student friends from Glendale –

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