Children Prophesy @ Omaha Revival plus Governor’s Invitation

Hub 101Revival was amazing tonight – It started very different in that the large contingency of students were encouraged to go to their own youth groups, so the meeting started small, but many people drifted in and we ended up having a large group.  There were a number of college students from various colleges, including Grace University that our son Jason attends and almost all of them were healed of something including partially deaf ears and a previously shattered elbow that straightened out and arthritis – yes arthritis in a student – and this is a school that would not officially embrace the gifts of the Spirit so there is some tension on campus due to the revival. Then as the youth groups got finished at local churches, some of those youth members came over to the HUB for the revival too.

At one point there was a lot of dancing and an elderly lady got up to dance, and she just went with the music – it was fun to watch – If I had to guess I would say she was 70 years old.  Several of the children came up and gave testimonies or shared prayers and one had an absolutely awesome prophetic word that had most of the crowd crying.  It was the Holy Spirit for sure.Hub 102

We also had a pastor visit from a larger church in California who flew in to attend the revival tonight and tomorrow, plus there were numerous other local pastors from mainline denominational churches attending as well.  There were a lot of healings and a lot of on the spot testimonies too.  Our son Jason was invited to come up and lead some worship during the teaching and sharing and I have posted some pics of that as well.   Jason is on the keyboard and Kris Kildosher is standing.

Hub 103

Prior to going to the revival, we received an invitation to meet with the Governor of Kansas next Thursday, so as I discover how that will proceed, I will let you know.  It works out perfectly because we will be travling through Topeka on our way to minister at another church.

Revival Services continue Thursday and Friday Evenings at 6:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.  You can get the streaming information by going to the web site for The Omaha HUB.  Hub 100


I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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