Day 12 of Omaha HUB Revival – Go Again!

HUB 12


I will add current pictures to this post on Saturday, but wanted to give an update –

First, while attendance on Thursday was a little less than most of the other meetings, it surged again this evening.  There were many young adults and college age students along with some high school students and children.  One of the healings from the night before was a young lady – I believe she was 13 and had a metal plate fused in her back since she was seven, and could not bend or touch her toes, but suddenly the power of God hit her and she could bend and move freely touching her hands flat on the ground.

Last night a guy’s foot was actually shorter and smaller than his other foot, but it grew out and grew larger.  Tonight another girl gave testimony of how when that condition was called out, she did not respond but only prayed and thanked God for his miracle and then the same thing happened to her foot with anyone praying for her.

Tonight the worship was great – people really entered in well, and Kris and now the other three Redding leaders invited people up for testimonies, and as the testimonies were released, then more healing happened, triggering more testimonies which in turn set off more testimonies.  This cycle continued for a long time.  One lady had been in some sort of accident and her arm was still in a sling or brace and she took it off and all the pain disappeared and she did not need the brace.  I believe that many of the testimonies will be posted on the web page of the Omaha Hub.

Rev. 19:10 says that the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  So when Jesus does something for us, it is His testimony working in us which then acts as a prophetic word that others can receive and that imparts more miracles which then results in more testimonies and this process continues.  Personally I will never listen to another testimony again in the same way with this revelation.  The word testimony also means to do it again.  When our son was little and he liked something, he would say, Go Again.  Well, regarding the miracles, Go Again.  Regarding the healings  – Go Again.  Regarding the Salvations – Go Again.  Regarding Revival – Go Again.

As a part of the prayer team, I was honored and blessed to receive accurate words of knowledge about various situations in people’s lives and then release life into those people, that resulted in healings, people getting right with God, manifestations and other vehicles and ways that God chose to reveal His love to so many people tonight in so many ways.  Jesus was simply so amazing. 

Even though I have written a book about words of knowledge and even though that gift has been flowing in me for years, I still get nervous when sharing a word.  I don’t want to hinder those I am praying for, and I want God to get the glory, and I am eager for the people to receive aid, yet I believe like Paul who said I was with you in much trembling there is that part of me too that says, I just don’t want to get arrogant or cocky in thinking that I can do this all the time.  It is the Lord working in and through me to accomplish His good pleasure in the  lives of others, and for that I am very grateful.  So like Paul in Acts 28:15, when I get a bit nervous, I just do what that verse says, and take courage and venture out into the deep.   There are just too many stories to tell, so I am just trying to give you an overview.

As we gather we need to remember that we don’t worship God to make him appear or come on the scene, but we worship Him because he has already come on the scene  – afterall He is Immanuel – God with us!

I mentioned above that there are now four Redding members here, and that is because two ladies were sent by Redding to help out with what is going on here.  And we again had a variety of visitors from other cities and states, as more and more people are hearing about how the Lord has decided to come among us once again at Christmas time.  It was stated that it’s as if this little prayer center and coffee shop is a picture and representation of the manger.  Joy to the World, The Lord has come.

Okay I will post a picture below from a previous night in case you have not seen any of the previous posts this week, but you can go back and look at those for more pictures too.  By the way, we have been told that the revival or Jesus Encounter will continue Saturday Night, then there will be a rest night on Sunday, followed by five more days from Monday  – Dec 17-21.  If that changes, I will re-post and give updated information.

HUB 39

On a personal note, Jason and I will be ministering Sunday morning at Glory Mountain Fellowship in Omaha on the Liberty Christian Center Campus.  Next Wednesday Jason will be doing some piano worship at Eagle’s Nest Worship Center, and then Thursday we will both be in Topeka Kansas for a private 30 minutes meeting with the Governor of Kansas.

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