Radio Guest, Healing Services, Two Special Offers

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On Thursday January 31st. I will be intereviewed at 4:15 p.m. for 45 minutes on a live radio program out of Minneapolis – you can Listen online @   Also available on IHeartRadio


Quote: When you REGULARLY pray to God, IRREGULAR things happen on a REGULAR basis.

I am happy to report that I have completed writing four chapters of my new book and the introduction all written since Friday of last week, and I will be working on chapter five today and tomorrow.  Please keep me in prayer.  I would like to have this book edited by Easter and to the publisher by mid April, and back to me by Mother’s Day if possible.  Then I can begin writing my third book.  I will reveal the title and nature of the current book soon.  My last book Downloads from Heaven is selling well, with orders and requests coming in every week.

Also, I took a bad fall while shoveling snow today – hit some ice and my right leg went up under and behind me unlike anything I have previously experienced, – the neighbors and Diane and even the mailman came to help – but praise the Lord that I did not get seriously injured, but I am  pretty sore from my upper thigh to my right ankle so can you include me in prayer for this not to be a distraction and that it heals without any additional problems occurring – thanks.

packed house for KEOur KIngdom Encounters for this year resume on Friday evening at 7:15 p.m. Lots of folks come from around the city and even regionally driving over two hours to attend.  There are healings every week and God shows up in magnificent ways.  I heard that God is in a good mood right now, so come and join us.


Also I am leading a healing service at Beautiful Savior Lutheran on Saturday morning  2/2/2031, at 10:00 a.m.  This church is located on the corner of 96th and Melissa in La Vista (Omaha area) If you are local and can attend either of these, purple sunriseplease come and participate.  These are not just prayer times for healing, but many people get well every time we have them.  I am blessed to share that around 75% of those who attend are getting well, with others showing definite improvements too.  Some of the healings include herniated discs, cancer, fybromyalgia, unable to get pregnant, tumors disappearing, pain issues, skin disease, eye problems, deaf ears opened, back problems, strained necks, joint and ligaments healed, female issues, sinus conditions and alergies healed, stiffness, aches and pains, eye floaters, and more.

The following weekend Feb 8-11, I will be in Lansing Michigan ministerint at Spirit of Christ Church on Saturday evening and Sunday morning and then at the Michigan IHOP that meets in the Furnace (a prayer center on the Michigan State University Campus) on Sunday evening.

When I return I will be hosting another Kingdom Encounter on Feb 15th and the ministering at Calvary Lutheran Church in Omaha in the morning and evening on Sunday February 17th.  The evening service at Calvary will also be a healing emphasis.  I am blessed by these many opportunities to minister and advance the Kingdom of God.

lifegateIn March I will be ministering out of state three times, including Texas and Kansas, and then in April I have been invited to be the primary speaker for the Nebraska  State Aglow meeting.  There are many other calendar events that I will share with you later.  For my Minnesota Friends, I will be in Fridley in mid May to minister.

I am grateful that you read my blog & share it with others, & that this is one of many tools we can use to expand God’s Kingdom. 

Two Special Offers:

If you have any prayer requests, please post them at the conclusion of this article and we will pray for you for your specific requests. 

Also, for any donation of any amount that you send me in the mail, I will send you 2 powerful teaching CD’s.  The first one is titled, “Lessons from the Beach” which is all about discipleship training.  The second one is called “KIngdom Dynamics – Do Not Harm the Oil and the Wine.”  If you are interested and want to know how to contact me for this offer, please send me an email to   Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Radio Guest, Healing Services, Two Special Offers

  1. God bless you, dear Pastor Jay! And God touch and heal you……..from your recent fall. Amen and amen!
    My daughter, Ann Dimond….lives in Mn, MN now!!………God bless and keep you, Diane and Jason!!!

  2. Jay,
    Am so proud to call you My Friend and you just keep getting better and better in walking and doing for God…HE is so pleased as you LISTEN, HEAR & OBEY in the leading of the Holy Spirit. Bless you, Diane & Jason…For such a season as this… Am praying for your recovery from your ice fall and always lift you in prayers. Truly JESUS IS LORD in your life. Kay

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