Notes about Next Book

Hey Friends-

 Just a quick note to let you know why I am not blogging much right now.   I am writing, but I am working on my next book.  I have written seven chaapters so far, and know that there are at least seven more to go, so I am spending a lot of time on this book writing project.   I would like to get it all proofed and edited and published by late spring if possible – I also have three friends writing portions of two chapters as well, plus two more friends writing specific portions of the book.

My first book is sellling well, and I am right at the break even point on my investment, so I can now work on this second work, which by the way is written in the same style as the first book, as so many people really responded well to it.  The theme is different, but the emphasis is similar with new stories and good bible teaching to match.  I hope you will enjoy reading it and anticipate the publishing of it with me.

If you know of people you could recommend  who might be interested in reading my first book called “Downloads from Heaven”  I would certainly appreciate that as well.  Just tell them about the book and give them my contact information below.  Some people have ordered multiple copies and given them away as gifts, and others have recommended the book to their pastor, or their boss and co-workers.  I really do appreciate all of those kind gestures.

Self Publishing a book costs around $3500.00 as there is a lot involved including the writing and double editing, cover design, bar codes, ISBN numbers, copyrights, formatting, print design, actual printing and a few other misc items as well.  You can reach me by leaving a note here at the bottom or by email at or on Face Book.

By the way, I have some prelimlinary notes and ideas regarding books # 3 and 4. My goal is to publish two a year.  Please pray for me to accompish this goal.

Thanks for following this blog and for being so supportive.  I am grateful for your prayers, encouragement and kind replies.


3 thoughts on “Notes about Next Book

  1. how fun that you are zipping out these books! looks like you just needed to get that first one going and there’s no stopping you now! congrats on your progress!

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