Deaf Ears opened, people walking without their canes, Arthritis healed, TMJ healed,

I had a 9th grader come up to me yesterday to tell me how much my ministry meant to him last year – I met a barista at starbucks who told me that she remembered my topic at her school 8 years ago -and quoted the topic back to me and told me how much it ministered to her – met a guy at a fast food restaurant recently who approached me and said he remembered my presentation about six years ago at his youth group and wanted to thank me for it – so the ministry and messages seem to have lasting effect for which I am grateful – those things are so amazing – Wow!

I just recently ministerd at a local church where we saw and experienced so many healings and amazing things that God was doing in the house.  I basically preached a new message about how when you hear a testimony, it can release a prophetic work in you to receive a similar move of God in your life and produce another testimony in like fashion – giving several examples plus scripture verses to back it up.  After sharing this message that included many testimonies I asked those in pain to stand up,  regardless of where the pain was and began to pray inviting the presence of God into the room and into their situations – it started slow but suddenly took off with many people stating they were 50% or 75% better and demonstrating things that they couldn’t do prior to the prayer such as deep knee bends, moving arms and shoulders above their heads, moving their fingers, or walking smoothly and evenly – some walked without their canes and one lady who I later found out is very shy came to the front smiling and walked up and down the altar steps with no pain and without her cane.  It was awesome.  Another person stated that their jaw stopped hurting and clicking due to TMJ and then another person stated that their knee stopped clicking – I later prayed for a man out in  the foyer and he had sustantial release of pain and more ease of movement in his knees.

In the evening the healings continued and the man who I prayed for in the foyer came up for just to get in the presence of God, and not knowing that he had two hearing aids in, I asked him how his earing was and then he told me and showed me the hearing aids, and so I began to pray for him and had my sonJason who was leading worship turn the mic off and this man could still hear and understand the words, then I had his pastor start near him and move away from him saying colors in random order, and the man got every color right and told me after the service that his ears had improved and that he was leaving the hearing aids out  –

I had shared with him and the group that four weeks ago I prayed with a man whose hips and knees were supernaturally healed, but that this same man had his deaf ear opened last July when I prayed for him and now he can hear great and walk fantastic – Praise God!

And normally I just pray for about 20 to 30 seconds and then ask people to check their condition if they can because we have learned that there is a miracle when you check.  Recently I was at another local church in the Omaha area and was praying for people after the service and several people were standing for prayer – and everyone who checked had at least 75% improvement – one young 15 year old girl limped in with knee pain due to a fall while playing volleyball, and her knee was completely healed, but her mother who was standing next to her had stood for back pain, and when I asked everyone to check, and stated that there was a miracle when you check, said out loud that she was not going to check and she was the only one in the room who did not get well.  She stood for the prayer but would not check.

Another lady came up to me in the morning and said all of the arthritis in her thumbs seemed to have left and in the evening when she returned she told me her thumbs had not hurt all afternoon and were still pain free. 

I later recalled and shared a time when locally I had prayed for a lady with knee pain and as I did, she fell to the floor under the  power of the Holy Spirit and kind of yelled as she fell.  She was in her 70’s and laid on the floor for a long time, and later I saw her get up and limp out of the building and limped out to her car, but in the evening when she came back in she was walking as normal as could be.  She told me that while on the floor, God reminded her of many people she needed to forgive, and then went home, ate lunch took a nap and got up one hour later and all of her knee pain was gone.  She also shared that we probably did not notice but she had been wearing maternity clothes because she was severely bloated and had been that way for many weeks, and even though we only prayed for the knee, the bloating went away too. 

In Des Moines as I was explaining how the healing prayer would happen that evening, a man in the third row jumped up and began running around the church as he got well, just through the explanation – which included some testimonies and so we see again that the testimony of Jesus – Rev. 19:10 – releases the spirit of prophecy – and 1 Corinthains 1:4-7 tells us that the testimony of Jesus enables us to not come up short in any area – in other words, God desires that nothing be lacking, and in Hebrews 11:1-2 where we know that faith is the substanc of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen, and by it, the Elders obtained a good testimony – what is a good testimony?  One that advances the Kingdom and gives praise and honor to God. 

There are several places in Psalm 119 where it speaks about the testimony of God, two of which talk about how those testimonies improve our soul – and from 3 John we learn that God wants us to prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers.  Some people don’t get well because their soul is not prospering – and one way that it does not prosper is that when they hear a testimony, not only don’t they rejoice with the person who is sharing it, but they get mad at God and others because they are experiencing the same p ower and healing release in their situation – but if they would only apply the testimony of Jesus as the spirit of prophecy, and receive that testimony as a word of knowledge for them, then they could receive greater impact and possible healing so much quicker.

We continue to see the miraculous, and the power of God working in and through so many people whether in students, or churches, and yes even businesses and in the marketplace.  My second book that I am working on now with ten chapters of wriiting completed and probably six more to go will demonstrate, highlight and teach many of these same themes and have wonderful heart warming stories just like the first book did.  If you like my stories, you will like my books. So many people consistently tell me that while reading my books, they feel like I am right there in the room sharing with them.

I was recalling yesterday at this local church of our facebook healing service where we set it up in advance and had several friends helping to pray for those who wrote in, and also asked everyone to get Spotify and so we had people from many countries around the world listening to the same praise and worship music together – some people were so far away that it was actually the next day as we prayed for them across the international date line.  Think about that – we prayed today, and the people were healed tomorrow at the same time.  We ended up hearing from around 60 plus people who were healed simply thru writing out prayers on facebook, that we prayed over and laid our hands on the computer before we sent them out.

Recently a friend sent me a text and asked for prayer for the pain in his back, so I wrote out a prayer and texted it back to him – he read it out loud and within a very short amount of time the back pain was completely gone.  God is so amazing and He walks right into our tecnology today and still perfoms mighty miracles and powerful healings. 

So I have been blessed to see so many healings happen so rapidly and quickly now.  Prayers are generally pretty short, and the power is generally pretty strong and the results are amazing – so amazing – I love to watch people’s expressions change – often as I pray for groups of people, I see looks of wonder and hope, but suddently when smiles start to appear, I know God is working – I don’t have to wait for their hands to go up to tell me that something different is happening, I just look at their face and see the glow and know that God has done something, and as I then ask them what is happening they are so eager to share.  That has been my experience that people who get well physically are the best advertisements for the Kingdom as they readily want to share what happend.  I believe healing services are great evangelistic tools.

Two of my strategic intercessors showed up last night too and facilitated wonderfully anointed prayer and then I had some of the local members create a small fire tunnel with members of the congregation going through – too many wonderful things happened to list – but just know it was a powerful move of God at this local  Lutheran Church.

Keep my in prayer as I will be traveling over the next few months to several out of state locations and their is scheduled healing emphasis’ services in every location.  From time to time people ask me about how to connect at their local church, so if this is something you would be interested in, just leave me a comment with your email and I will be happy to get back to you. 

Locally we continue with our Kingdom Encounters on 1st 3rd and 5th Fridays and we are focusing on prophecy in the month of March so plan on attending to learn, experience and see God move and work in your life in these realms of spiritual gifts, available to the body of Christ who will believe that they exist.

4 thoughts on “Deaf Ears opened, people walking without their canes, Arthritis healed, TMJ healed,

  1. Jay, I continue to pass on your message and witness to those who need to believe that God does heal today. My friend Jeff with the stage 4 lung cancer is in Hospice right now. He just turned 59 on Sun. I believe our Lord wants to heal all his children but we have to have enough faith to receive it. I hope to bring some friends with a passion to learn and experience Gods amazing grace through your teaching of his word and witness of love.

    Grace & Peace,

  2. What a blessing to read!!! I am so excited to hear God’s Word at the upcoming Aglow Conference in Kearney! While I am writing, I would like to ask for prayer for my husband who had knee replacement 14 months ago and has had complications with scar tissue and pain, since. He is in need of healing. Also, his mother (Doris) is scheduled to have her left big toe amputated at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning, because of an infection that would not heal and went to the bone. We are ready for complete health for our entire family!
    Deb Dowling

  3. God bless you, Pastor, as you continue your travel and ministries….in various locations!
    May God comfort, strengthen and bless you in every way… and Jason and Diane!!!!
    In Jesus’ name, Amen and amen.

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