Mozambique Update – Helpers with Rolland and Heidi Baker

This is a report by some friends of mine who minister as helpers with Rolland and Heidi Baker and Iris Ministries that I thought you would be interested in reading.

We have been in “mini-survival” mode for a while now and it is taking up quite a bit of our time.  This is Week Three of the Great Pemba Power Outage.  As you may know lightning did in part of the grid here and when the electric company put it back together and turned it on, the three-phase transformer for the Iris Base blew up.

 A new one was purchased in Maputo – fifteen hundred miles south of us – and as they were loading it onto a truck to bring here the crane accidentally dropped it and wiped it out.  Eventually another was located and it is due to arrive in two or three days.

 In the meantime someone located a man with an old HUGE generator who would rent it and had it hauled to the base.  It is an old one and has required constant repairs/maintenance to keep it going.  But for the most part it give the base power from 9AM until Noon and from 6PM until 5AM.  We have our own generator to fill in the other hours, and we are doing OK.

 But .. since the rented generator is limited, they have not been able to run the pumps.  Back in Feb. there was a problem with the water lines into Pemba and the city was without water for a month.  Water is coming in now but cannot be pumped to the tanks that feed the base so everyone is hauling water.  Again, we are doing OK. 

  • We thank Papa God that we can get water.
  • We thank Papa God that we can get electricity.
  • And we thank Papa God when it rains and the nights are cool and the days are overcast and cool.
  • But .. whatever the circumstances .. we praise and thank Papa God for his care for us .. AND for you all who pray for us.

 So a lot of the past two weeks were taken up with getting our own water system working and with keeping things going around the base.

We have been keeping up on the goats also.  Today we ear-tagged all the untagged ones .. new ones that have been born in the last few months. We tagged 11 new ones!  There are a few more that should be born in the next month or two.

 We are now preparing to make silage.  I have been teaching the shepherds about it and we are starting the project.  We will keep you updated as to how that is going.

 We have several projects that we need to finish before we leave for America.  Twyla and I are looking forward to coming back the US for a visit with old friends and family. We will let everyone know where we will be and when.

 We continue on.  Sometimes not as rapidly as we would like but we have learned that even seeming delays are sometimes Papa God’s plan for us.  Frustration is an enemy that robs us of clarity.  It will keep us from thinking and hearing clearly.  So we give thanks ALWAYS FOR ALL THINGS and IN ALL THINGS … knowing the goodness of the Lord is ever present.


 We are not living according the letter, but according to the Spirit .. in NEWNESS of life .. raised with Jesus .. the old has gone .. the new has come ..  put on the new man .. walk in the new thing Papa God is doing … looking for a new heaven and new earth where he says Behold I make all things NEW!



  Jim & Twyla Taylor

Ministerio Arco-Iris

Helpers with Rolland and Heidi Baker

CP #275 Praia de Wimbe
Pemba, Cabo Delgado
Mozambique, Africa



I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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