20 to 30 Middle School Students Healed and Touched by the Power of the Holy Spirit

DSCF7865As I drove up to the large church and school where I was to minister today, I kind of laughed because the parking lot was so full and it was raining, so I parked in a senior citizen’s parking stall. I don’t feel that old, but I qualify, and I laughed because I was about to go in and minister to over 100 middle school students as I had last week.  Here I am in a senior citizen’s parking spot and these students run in ages from 11 to 14 or so.  I am so blessed and honored to lead about 30 student events every year including those for children, middle school, high school, and university students.

This week really was no different than last in that they opened with some singing and worship but many of the students were talking and not really involved in the singing, in fact the worship leader even commented that he was looking forward to the day when they would be fully engaged in worship.

As I was introduced, I came up and actually spoke of a chapel in a previous year in that same school and in the same room that lasted nearly three hours and those students had fully engaged themselves in worship that day. I went on today sharing about various young people whom had previously been in a tough spot including some drug addicts that God had healed, plus sharing some examples of quick healings when praying for people at other churches, and then asked how many of these middle school students actually had pain in their physical bodies and there were probably 40 who responded.   Life Gate 13

So I began to pray from the platform and invited the Holy Spirit and spoke healing and then about a minute later took some inventory and discovered that a number of students were experiencing significant healing in wrists, and ankles, Knees, backs, necks, fingers, and also headaches and such were being healed. For the rest who were not yet receiving any healing,  I once again prayed and asked God to touch these students and suddenly there was a whole lot more students who were healed in various ways. Some of the students applauded when the testimonies were shared.  Some came up after the service and asked for more detailed prayer for things happening in their lives.

We concluded with one more worship song and this time, they were really engaged and sang and without any coaxing lifted their hands to the Lord and entering more fully into His presence. I then had a prayer for those who would like to walk in this realm in an ongoing basis and about 80% of those who were there prayed that prayer too.

It was mentioned at conclusion that I might be invited back next week for part 3. I hope that happens. God was so involved so quickly with so many of these wonderful children. It was so cool to see their attention turn that fast from not really being interested to that of really absorbing the presence of the Lord.

DSCF8116Last weekend I was in Lansing, Michigan and ministered three times in two locations. At Spirit of Christ Church an interesting thing happened while we were in worship. I could hear a lovely young female voice behind and I kept having a feeling that she could play keys and lead worship, so at the conclusion of the worship set I asked her if she indeed could lead worship and play keys, and she said “Yes”, so I invited her to come forward and lead us in a song, and she selected a song with the words fire of God in them.  At this point  I felt led to have the rest of the people come forward for prayer ministry which launched a variety of prayer ministry with all sorts of manifestations and people really entering into the presence of the Lord, and I never did preach that morning, but I had the night before and also would preach and teach that evening at MICHOP which is directly across the street from the Capital building there in Lansing. DSCF8137

While in Lansing, I was blessed to minister and pray with some folks in grocery stores and also visit and share with some folks on the airplane too.  This picture to the left is the actual capital building right outside of the MICHOP where I ministered  Sunday evening.

God was working in both of these situations and places and it was cool to see all that happened both in Michigan over the past weekend and today in the chapel with the middle school students. So far this week I have sold 21 more of my books “Downloads from Heaven.”

This weekend I will be ministering in Kearney Nebraska at the Nebraska State AGLOW Conference so I know it is going to be a great week. Next week I am honored to be ministering at still another local school to the middle school and high school students along with hosting another Kingdom Encounter that week too, plus a strategic intercessory team as well.

Have a Great Kingdom Week!  And remember, you will know when your mind is renewed when the impossible begins to look and sound logical.  DSCF7846

1 thought on “20 to 30 Middle School Students Healed and Touched by the Power of the Holy Spirit

  1. What a great experience for the Lord!! It’s wonderful to see so many young people coming back to the Lord!

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