Multiple Healings in 45 to 60 Seconds – Dance and Joy!!!

DSCF7088Let me share an interesting story. A few weeks ago, I was invited to be the guest presenter at the Nebraska State Aglow Conference to be held in Kearney, Nebraska. The selection team consists of seven or eight ladies who are on that particular leadership team. Each year they acquire or receive some names of possible speakers, and after a certain amount of prayer, they write down on slips of paper who they think should be the speaker for that year. I guess they keep doing that until they have a consensus, and then invite that particular speaker. This year they once again had several suggested names including mine, and they all wrote my name on their slips of paper on the very first ballot. I believe that they claimed that had never happened before, and the real interesting thing is that none of these ladies had ever met me in person or heard me speak or minister.

So Diane and I headed out to Kearney, where we were warmly welcomed by this group of ladies, and some men who also attended. We were so honored and blessed by the advance and on site care that they provided for us such as beautiful accommodations, person armor bearers, a fantastic gift basket, and most of all, genuine joy and anticipation to the teachings and ministry.DSCF8148

The worship band was amazing, made up of mostly folks from the Hastings Nebraska area. They were anointed, lively, and helped lead all of us into His presence from the very beginning. The lead singer and keyboard player was off the charts in her ability and anointing to not only lead us into the throne room presence of the Lord, but to sustain us once we got there, even helping me with one message and playing in the background as I taught and shared. It was a joy and a delight.Aglow 8

My first message was “Shine Baby Shine” based on Luke 13 and also Isaiah 60. It is a fun and energetic message with a lot of interaction. I rarely know how ministry is going to happen after a message until we get there, and this was no different. I ended up releasing dance and flags in a variety of ways, including circle dance groups around the building, and then longer train like dances, DSCF8146and jumping, rejoicing, and other ministry including the flags being used to wave over people who ultimately received individual and group prayer ministry. I actually did not pray for anyone that evening, but selected others to do that and they did a marvelous job.DSCF8147 It was enjoyable to watch and really ties in so well with how I prefer to lead, by releasing others to do ministry too – (see Ephesians 4:11-12)

My second message which was on Saturday morning was called “Willing to Yield” which by the way is also the title of my next book to be released this summer. This was a solid teaching followed by more prayer ministry. DSCF8144We had an amazing catered lunch which was followed by the afternoon session.

As I was introduced this final time and started walking up to the platform, the worship team began to play a lively tune that we had previously sung the night before, and it was one of those moments that I have heard about or sang about – (when the Spirit of the Lord moves in my life, I will dance like David danced). That was not the song, but that is what happened, as I literally began to kind of do some dance steps and then started jumping, and suddenly the room burst into more dancing and flag waving DSCF8153for at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to my sharing and teaching. The title of this message was “Impartation for Ministry” which led into so much more wonderful prayer ministry and the conclusion.
It was such a fun time, as the whole two days felt like a revival atmosphere, and I love conferences because all of the people come hungry. 420410_10200462163508435_1603944181_n

Unlike church, where some come out of duty or obligation, at conferences the people have generally planned this time out in advance, made the arrangements and reservations and come with a huge amount of expectations with joyful anticipation.  As a result the atmosphere is charged with excitement coupled with faith and joy.  I met so many wonderful folks and I can’t wait to be in that kind of environment again. It was a glorious setting indeed.Aglow 7

During the prayer time in this last session, I actually prayed for a bunch of folks for healing. Each time I would pray for about 15 seconds and then ask people to check what had happened, and scores of folks got well. I did this three times, so in all I prayed about 45 seconds. One man was having tooth pain and it subsided, another lady had fallen off a horse and had hurt her knee, but the pain disappeared, still another lady sent me an email stating that I had prayed for her eyes – and that for the last five years, she woke up every morning in terrible pain, but for the past 3 or 4 days since I had prayed, she had experienced no pain at all. People were healed in their backs, legs, arms, elbows, ankles and more. There are just too many to list presently, but like the report I shared from the middle school a week ago, literally within seconds of praying, many people in the room were healed and gave testimony and praised God. It was AMAZING!  Thank you Jesus!

AGLOW2Finally we were blessed to sell a lot of CD’s and books. That is always a blessing to see the hunger yet even after a meeting as people want to take home the materials. Several people wrote me and told me how much my book has already meant to them and for that we give God the Glory as He literally downloaded that book to me in many and wonderful experiences. If anyone reading this would like to order a copy of the book, the cost is $13 including shipping and the title is “Downloads from Heaven,” literally about hearing God’s voice through Words of Knowledge. Downloads from Heaven0001There are a lot of great books about prophecy but not too much about Words of Knowledge. Please leave me a note at the bottom of the message and I will get back to you. Or you can email me directly at You may also contact me for a list of teachings on CD or DVD if you have an interest in that as well.

CSS2Then this week I was blessed once again to lead a chapel for some middle and high school students at a local Christian School in the area. This was the third one this month. The students were receptive to the message and about 36 of them responded asking for prayer to be more courageous and more intentional about their personal outreach of extending the Kingdom where ever they may find themselves. It is always a blessing to be around students who have a love for God, and a renewed hunger for Kingdom life and activity.DSCF7673

This is a rather slow time presently as I kind of have three weeks off with only local volunteer activities such as Kingdom Encounters, DSCF7205Marketplace Ministry, Prison Ministry and Strategic Intercessory Prayer Training, and more writing on my next book. I did meet with my cover design person and she has some excellent ideas. I will be ministering in Texas and Minnesota in May, but have a lot of openings during the summer, so if you can pray for those openings to be filled, or perhaps consider inviting me to your location that would be awesome.Vineyard Cross

6 thoughts on “Multiple Healings in 45 to 60 Seconds – Dance and Joy!!!

  1. Always so glad to read more of Gods movement on Earth ( as in heaven);)
    Looking forward to studying your revelations and your annointing so I can learn and share!
    Jesus is Lord!
    God Bless
    Jan Evans

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