I met the Nebraska Governor – A New Wave of God’s Presence is about to Hit!



We believe that a new wave of God’s presence is about to hit, so I have placed some key natural pictures in this article to demonstrate what we are sensing in the Spiritual.  The bible says first the natural and then the spiritual, so we are believing for something spectacular to happen soon.  

For all my new friends who follow me, I periodically put out a ministry report highlighting various ministry events, and sharing upcoming opportunities.  Galatians 6:10 says that as you have the opportunity, do good unto all men, especially the household of faith.  Folded into this report were many opportunities to pray with people for their health, their finances, their ministry, and also for other important items to each person individually.


Diane and I often find ourselves nestled at home working on two different computers, praying with those who contact us for a meeting and offering advice as it pertains to life’s situations.  This has also included networking, driving and organizing teams into prayer sections and providing Bible studies, prayer times, and at times helpful work events to assist those who have a specific need. 

wave 3People are often surprised when they call me for an appointment to discover that my calendar is full for appointments normally at least two weeks in advance, sometimes three and four.  We are blessed and honored to serve others and the Kingdom of God in this capacity as God opens these doors for us.  We have also been doing some marriage counseling too.

Here are some highlights of the past couples of weeks:

Opportunities to minister with and to several key Marketplace Leaders in our Community,

Personal Prayer with and for one of Omaha’s City Councilmen,

  • A personal visit with the Governor of Nebraska – encouraging him for the larger calling to the United States beyond Nebraska after his term is up in 2014.

Ministry with and for some University Staff Members

Kingdom Encounters with people being taught how to use prophecy, and also how to pray for the sick and see immediate results.

Networking with five out-of-state churches for upcoming ministry.  Three of these had lots of extra administrative details to be worked out.

Writing more chapters on my next book to be published and released this summer.

Upcoming Ministry:

river 1May 9-12 – Refreshing Spring Ministries, Houston, TX – revival and possible youth and student ministry

May 17 – Kingdom Encounter, Bellevue, NE – Healing Emphasis

May 18-22 – Redeemer Lutheran, Fridley, MN – four back to back Sunday morning services and three nights of renewal

May 24 – Eagle’s Nest Worship Center, Omaha, NE – The 300 – Young Adults

May 26 – Jason possibly leading worship for an outdoor service at La Vista Days

river 3May 31 – Kingdom Encounter, Bellevue, NE – Diane Teaching

June 1 – Beautiful Savior Lutheran, La Vista, NE – Healing Service (Omaha area)

June 2 – Omaha House Church, Omaha, NE

Prayer Requests:

  • Finances are very tight  – we need a breakthrough.  With Diane not teaching this year our trust level has been pushed up several notches.  We are sowing, and giving and trusting, but really value your prayers in this area too.  Thank you
  • Included in this would be for favor for Diane to be offered a teaching position for this next school year.
  • Thanksgiving for the many opportunities both locally and in other cities and states that God opens up for us to minister.  Each one is a gift from God and we treat it as if they are extremely important and valuable.  Size is never a determining factor for us.
  • For more speaking engagements in July and August
  • Time and finances to finish the next book, and get it published.

wave 1Thank you for your encouraging notes, financial gifts, many prayers, and for the way you often stand with us as we endeavor to fight the good fight, and lay hold of what is set before us with faith, joy and anticipation.  It is not always easy, but like Moses who had Aaron and Hur holding up his hands for victory, we sense you are doing the same for us and we are very grateful.

Sincerely and Warmly,

Jay W. West


Anointed 2 GO MdM (Multi-denominational Ministries)

4 thoughts on “I met the Nebraska Governor – A New Wave of God’s Presence is about to Hit!

  1. Thanks for the refreshing photos…most appreciated especially while at work. Just got done praying for your requests and believing for God to break through as usual. IN HIS BLESSINGS, Bro Williams

    Date: Tue, 7 May 2013 15:25:27 +0000 To: williamscl2@hotmail.com

  2. yes a new wave very exciting! Great to hear you are filling in dates and God is providing and using you asyou wait on Him. I’m ready to hang ten and serf the Holy Spirit glory wave.

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