Metal in Crushed Shins and Ankles Healed – Don’t Mess with the Holy Spirit in Texas

There is so much to share about the wonderful amazing and anointed ministry in Houston Texas so  I will do my best to keep it concise, but still give you a flavor and sense of the over-all impact of God in this place.

DSCF8215The meetings were held at Faith Bridge Church, and I have included a picture of the outside of the building for you to see.  The actual meetings were held in the youth room which I have also included a picture for your viewing.DSCF8220

First I met with the leadership team of Refreshing Spring Ministries, with leader Sherry Torbert.  DSCF8185Sherry and her husband were long time friends at a former church I was on staff with  in Houston many years ago.  If you are on Facebook you can contact Refreshing Spring Ministries for more information. DSCF8189 I taught the leadership team, pictured above a portion of my new book to be published and released this summer, titled, “Willing to Yield.” 

Our first evening session began with great worship and then I was introduced.  The Lord asked me to offer healing for pain within the first ten minutes of the message.  So I asked people to stand up who had pain in the body, and about 1/3 of the folks stood up and I launched into prayer, and then stopped to see who was touched or healed or who might have had a percentage of healing, but no one was well yet at all.

DSCF8192So I went a second time after some brief teaching, and a couple of people were experiencing some relief, but still it seemed like not many were really being affected by this prayer, but I persisted and went forward a third time with more prayer, and suddenly a young man came forward and stated that he had been in a car accident several years prior and that his shins and ankles were crushed, and that he had a lot of metal in his lower legs and ankles, but as I was praying, it felt to him like skin and muscle was growing around those parts of the metal.  He also stated that normally when he walked there was a creaking noise, but that this had disappeared too.  I then received an email from a friend stating that his man had previously been a runner prior to the accident, but had not run in years, but the next day he went out and bought some running shoes and took off running for the first time in years.  Now that is a BIG Praise the Lord for sure, and I am so glad I persisted in praying a third time.

Another man informed me after the service that prior to the prayer time his legs and feet felt like bloody stumps, but after the prayer all of the pain disappeared.  Thank you Jesus!

Still another man was healed too, but he was very skeptical and did not inform his wife until the next morning of how God had touched him.  I have actually received several healing reports from a variety of people who were there that evening.  I am often seeing and experiencing 2nd and 3rd day miracles now and expect them along with instantaneous ones too.DSCF8194

On Saturday evening the focus was different and centered on impartations.  We had a lot of prayer ministry with words of knowledge and people falling under the power of God.  And this was happening to some folks for the very first time.  It was like a fountain uncorked and flowing in their lives.  One young man drove over 100 miles to get to the meeting at the urging of his family.  He came with a desperation to hear from God for his situation.  When I got to him, The Lord had me give him a word of knowledge that he later claimed was so freeing and right on target with what he was seeking.  This young man along with his whole family were a huge inspiration to me as they helped with the ministry in a variety of ways, and then I was honored to have brunch with them the next day at one of my favorite restaurants in Houston.  

This next testimony was written by a young lady who attended the meeting, and sometimes when I cut and paste notes, I get a lot of funny letters or computer language in the text, so if that happens, please forgive me, but it is so much easier than re-typing the whole testimony.  The print is unusually small too,

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for sharing your time with us this weekend. Watching you teach and witnessing the manifestation on the Holy Spirit was magnificent!

I wanted to share a couple of things with you… My father is a newly saved (less than two years) and was present both nights. In the past two years, I’ve watched his journey with the Lord. He is on fire for God and has a servant’s heart. He desires to know Him deeply. My hope was that he will be filled with the Holy Ghost this weekend, as he’s never been to any kind of Revival Meeting or experienced the Gifts of the Spirit.

I watched him stand in awe of what was happening and sob his eyes out as you ministered one by one. He came up for prayer at the end, the same time I was praying with another.

I haven’t received a full report of what happened to him Saturday night (as he is typically private about these things.) I am hopeful he will share in time. I can tell you, I have only seen him cry a handful of times in my life.


I also wanted to thank you for your word you delivered about the book I would be writing. This was indeed a confirmation, as the Lord told me this in January of 2012. He spoke of this book and said it would be widely distributed. This made me laugh, as I have zero connections in publishing and not much of an audience to date. But still, I believe Him to be true.

I started to write that January and slowed down over the past year. The Lord has been urging me to pick up the pen again in recent months.

Saturday night, I felt His presence so strongly. I have felt Him many times before, but this was different. He was standing directly behind me and placed His hands on my shoulders. Just when I thought I had never felt Him this close in my life, He did the most magnificent thing. He stepped into me. I in Him and He in me. His love and closeness radiated out of me. I will never forget this moment as long as I live.

Shortly after, you asked us to hold our hands out in front of us. No sooner than I opened my hands, did I feel the weightiness of the book in them! There it was, complete and exactly the way the Lord intended it.

I’ve thought for the past 18 months what exactly the book would be about. To date, I have several chapters that don’t particularly flow well and have not known what approach to take. He clarified all that for me this weekend. I’m to write my testimony, plain and simple.  I hope, one day, I will be able to send you one of the first copies. It’s a riveting tale of a young women saved from alcohol, drugs, abuse, separation from my husband, a near death experience, mental disorders, my child being healed of autism and much more.

Thank you for stepping out in Faith to confirm this for me. This confirmation, coupled with His presence, gave me full faith that He would accomplish this work through me. All doubt and insecurity about the content of my testimony has been erased. I will tell my story exactly as it happened. Your coming here was what I needed to steer me into my God’s perfect will. Just now, I am getting a vision of a fork in the road and you turning me and pointing down the path I’m to take.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being the hands and feet of our Lord. May you be richly blessed in every endeavor God has purposed for your life. Please keep in touch and return to us soon. I’m so grateful to know you!

I was also blessed to be reunited with several friends that I have not seen in many years.  It was a joy to see them and have them drive so far from the south side of Houston to the north side.  Houston is the 4th largest city in America and very spread out.  They all intentionally drove through tough rush hour traffic to attend the meetings, and I am extremely honored to have them come to visit and listen and participate.  A couple of them really received amazing touches from God too

Curb numbers painted in front of houses – but more than numbers – Only in Texas: DSCF8201DSCF8202I will be ministering at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fridley, MN May 19-21 at all four Sunday morning services and then three evening renewal Kingdom Encounters on Sunday night, Monday Night and Tuesday night, and then to the young adults at Eagle’s Nest Worship Center in Omaha on Friday May 24th.

4 thoughts on “Metal in Crushed Shins and Ankles Healed – Don’t Mess with the Holy Spirit in Texas

  1. Very much enjoyed your speaking Saturday night at Faithbridge when we attended.
    It is always encouraging and uplifting and filled with God’s Word. Looking forward to
    your next visit to the Houston area.

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