This is a Great Day to get Well, plus Singing in the Spirit over Others, and Restaurant Healing.

Earlier this week I was having lunch with a friend and he informed me that after our meeting he had a doctor’s appointment.  I inquired as to the nature of the appointment and he shared that for several weeks his foot had been hurting right where the toes connect to the foot, and he did not know if it might be a bone spur or a wart under the surface, but it was painful to walk and especially painful on hard surfaces when bare-footed. 

DSCF8192As we were leaving the restaurant I suggested that we pray for his foot, so we sat down on an outside bench and I prayed for about 15 seconds and then suggested that he walk for a short distance across a cross walk in the parking-lot.  He did and he said he could not feel any pain.  Then I had him take his shoes off and repeat the same path, and now only in his dress socks on hard pavement, he still had no pain.  He later texted me stating he had canceled his doctor’s appointment.  Isn’t God amazing!  Did you know it is okay to get well at a restaurant?

DSCF7744Saturday I lead a healing service at a local Lutheran church in Omaha and we saw many more foot and legs being healed along with some neck and back pain too as I would simply pray for just a few seconds, normally speaking healing.  There was so much going on in the room that I had to implement several other prayer teams to help minister to those who had attended. 

I had just shared a new message that morning called, “This is a Great Day to Get Well,” as this past Saturday was actually Saturday June 1st.  Several years ago, I was healed of an incurable disease on Saturday June 1st in the year 1991 and have been well now for 22 years of something the doctors said has no known cure.  The message was about Speaking the Word into and about your healing, rather than speaking something else like all of the reasons why it might not work. 

BSLC12 Corinthians 8:12 says that a willing mind is first accepted based on what a person has and not on what they don’t have.  Don’t tell God what you don’t have, simply tell him what you do have.  Even if you can’t think of one thing that you might have, you still have Jesus and that is more than enough to conquer any problem or get past any difficult situation.  Don’t give God all the excuses or play the blame game, or tell him what you lack, simply declare what you do have, even if just a small amount of faith the size of a mustard seed.  Even if it’s only one bible verse that you can kind of remember.  Even if it is only one friend who is standing with you in prayer, share and speak what you do have, not what you don’t have.  And Always Speak the Word!

Another lady came forward with partial deafness in her left ear and was crying because she did not want to go totally deaf at age 32.  Shoot, no one wants that at any age.  I felt led to pray very calmly for about 20 seconds simply commanding the ear to open in the name of Jesus.  Then I had her cover her good ear while a friend stood behind her, backing up slowly speaking colors in random order, to which while not seeing him, she was able to repeat back to us 100% correctly.  When I had him stop he was 15 feet behind her and she was amazed that God had restored her hearing that much. WOW – Go Jesus.

FC1Sunday I ministered at a local house church and this group is really stretching past the normal Sunday morning experiences.  The leader started by having Jason lead a worship song, and then he called on a young lady and asked her to pray in tongues and then interpret the tongues which she readily did.  Then he called on a man to prophesy over the group which he also readily and easily did. These were precious and amazing moments in the service.

We had more worship and then I taught and shared some insights on healing that I had learned over the years.  But just prior to the sharing, I had everyone stand and then gave instructions that we would begin to sing in the Spirit, but we would do so prophetically for the people near us.  In other words, we would sing praises to God, but include phrases and words that we felt God was leading us to sing over and for those standing near us.  Some sang about healing and others sang about provision, while simultaneously giving glory to God.  Several people moved about the room and sang over others while laying hands on them, and using this time as personal prayer ministry, but in song.  The people really got into it.  I told them too that it is important to only do what we see the Father doing and quoted John 5:19 where Jesus made the same statement.  I also shared that I had never led any group to do this before.  It was definitely a God Moment.

Jason's CDA video of some of Jason’s recent worship is now on You-tube along with his songs from his album “Running Free.”  You can also access his worship on Spotify and Amazon, and he actually gets some royalty payments from those two venues if you go and listen. 

My recent book, “Downloads from Heaven” is selling well, with multiple copies being sold every week now.  In fact, I just contacted the publisher inquiring about costs for a second printing of the book, and my next book called “Willing to Yield” is almost completed and the first editing as begun as well.  The cover design is really cool and I can’t wait to unveil if for you this summer.  God is blessing in so many ways.  We are so grateful for your prayer support and encouragement. 

DSCF7633Let’s Pray.  Lord Jesus, as people read this blog today and also read the many testimonies, some are wishing that You would touch them in the same way, that others have experienced You too.  I know You can do this, so I speak healing right now over anyone reading this blog and command healing to flow into their bodies and physical beings.  I speak against pain in joints and muscles and command it to lift off.  I invite the presence of the Holy Spirit to come and minister to each person reading this blog, and I ask that the comfort of the Holy Spirit, bring peace and tranquility and confidence to each person as they read this prayer.  I pray that faith rises and total healing comes whether for minor aches and pains or major diseases or previous accident induced trauma.  I believe that Jesus wants to touch and change lives even now, and I ask that all pain be reduced and diminish so that every person reading this right now experiences some if not total relief and release from pain, discomfort and misery.  I pray that every infirmity is taken away and sent to where God may send it.  I ask this in the powerful healing and sustaining name of Jesus, Amen.  DSCF7692

If you felt some relief through this prayer or you sensed pain diminishing or maybe in a short while after reading this blog you start to notice that you are feeling better, would you let me know.  It is a great encouragement to others that prayer works even through a blog.  I often see 2nd and 3rd day miracles too.  We recently led a healing service on Face Book and 65 people got well in one hour as we later heard the reports sent to us by email and other electronic submissions.

It’s time to Praise the Lord!

9 thoughts on “This is a Great Day to get Well, plus Singing in the Spirit over Others, and Restaurant Healing.

  1. Hi Jay, Thanks again for a great “Healing Service” on Saturday! Jason is also growing as a worship leader. Please pass along my “kudos” to him. God’s blessings on your week. Keith

    • Thank you Pastor Keith – it is always our joy to come to your church and minister. Let me know if you hear other testimonies in the days ahead. Thanks again

  2. Jay, when is your next meeting at the Lutheran church in Omaha? I would like to come. Melinda Hamlin

  3. Hi Jay, I’ve been having pain in the heals of my feet past couple of years. When the pain started, they only hurt in the mornings when I got out of bed. The pain progressively got worse, lasting longer everyday, to the point where it never went away. Yesterday morning I read your prayer, nothing happened at that moment. I’ve learned to ignore the pain. As I was working yesterday, I realized the pain was gone and stayed away all day. When I woke up this morning, there was a little pain in my right heal. At this moment its gone again. Thanks be to Jesus


    • Thanks Don – I pray in the name of Jesus that the pain disappears and never returns. I speak to those heels and command it to be well in the powerful and anointed name of Jesus and I ask Lord that your presence come into Don’s feet and just sooth and comfort them back to normal usage without any pain ever again, in the incredibly powerfully healing name of the Lord, Amen. Thank you Jesus.

  4. Good afternoon, Pastor West. What a power message and prayer. I read your prayer and it felt as though you were standing in front of me praying for the pain in my knees and joints. How awesome to know God is using you to pray for healing of these conditions.
    Clarease B.

    • Thanks for the kind note – I hope you are feeling better and if so, at what percentage do you think you might have improvement – – let me know so I can continue to pray for you if needed too –

      God Bless
      Jay West

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