Prayer for Healing! To be Shared too…

flowers 5A couple of days ago, I wrote a prayer for healing at the conclusion of one of my blogs and several people read that prayer and actually got well.  So now it is 1:30 a.m. and I just finished rewriting a chapter in my new book to be published and released this summer and felt led of God to write a  new prayer for healing that you can read, but also pass along to others to read and share and see what God might do.  I believe some are going to get well and that healing and recovery will be promoted by the power of the Holy Spirit through this written prayer.

Dear Jesus,

flowersWhat a joy it is to come to You on behalf of so many people who need a healing touch from you this day.  I thank You that You are the Healer and I give You glory and honor right now.  I invite the presence of the Holy Spirit into each computer and each room where this prayer is being read, and I ask that Your comfort and power fill that room or space or computer desk or laptop or other forms of access, and may Your healing flow through each person who is now reading this prayer.

I speak healing and command sickness to leave.  I command pain to diminish in joints and muscles and ligaments, and organs.  I speak healing to major diseases and command healthy living to flow into those who are reading this.  I come against blood disorders and cholesterol problems and heart issues with the everlasting name of Jesus.  I speak to breathing difficulties and command healing to begin to manifest and for those reading this prayer to experience great relief.

DSCF7260I know Lord Jesus that sometimes You heal instantly and other times You heal over time like the ten lepers who were healed as they went, and we aren’t told how far they went.  Maybe they went a block or maybe they went a three days journey, but you indeed did heal them.  But only one turned back to thank You.  May we always be grateful for Your presence and touch in our lives.  According to Philippians 1:6  I believe and confess that God which has begun a good work in you will complete it.

I am grateful Lord for instantaneous healing, but also for those times when I hear of healing that happened two and three days later, and sometimes a week or more later too.  I know You  are working on behalf of all who are reading this prayer and for some You are working behind the scenes right now, and though they can’t see You, it is happening and so we access Your power through faith and not by sight.

h24I am grateful Jesus for every one who is being touched by God right now.  I command floaters in eyes to disappear, and hearing loss to be restored, and allergies to disappear, and skin diseases and rashes to clear up.  I speak to serious conditions and command the enemy to back off and for heath and healing to be established and that these bodies line up with the Word of God. 

Lord, I am so grateful for doctors and modern medicine and my personal doctors too.  They are such a blessing.  Help us to honor our doctors and do what they ask until they ask us to do something different.  We honor You Lord by obeying our doctors too.  I know You believed in doctors by having Luke on your staff.  Thank you for setting the example that it is okay to be healed by a doctor and it is equally okay to be healed through Your power too Jesus.

FB2I thank you Jesus that so many are being touched right now, and that Your presence is changing things in people’s physical lives.  I anticipate that conditions are improving and that You are sending Your word and healing those who are reading this prayer right now.  Lord, work through this prayer of mine to mend, repair, solve, rebuild, re-establish and supernaturally do what the doctors could not do, or would normally take a lot of time. 

I speak peace to tough situations and command anxiety and regret to flee away right now.  I ask that Your Peace would comfort every heart and mind and that each person reading this prayer would have a generous supply of love and joy entering into their lives at this very moment. I pray against all doubt and unbelief and release faith and trust into people’s lives right now with an understanding that trust is a must.

And I pray that You would accelerate the healing to many people today, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, who brings health and healing with Him when He comes to us, Amen and Amen.

Now please share this prayer with those you know who need prayer or a touch from God and let’s wait and see what God might do.  garden fountain

6 thoughts on “Prayer for Healing! To be Shared too…

  1. Thank you for the healing prayer. As I have gotten older, aches & pains have grown too. Nothing unbearable right now…just noticeable. I do have faith that the Lord can heal and feel that He is healing, what I think to be, a “sciatic nerve” pain down my left leg. It has gotten much better since last week and believe this is a healing that will take a few days. I give the Lord praise for His healing touch. I know that about a year and a half ago the Lord healed my shoulder with the help of an orthopedic doctor and therapists. I had a “frozen” shoulder or technically, adhesive capsulitis, which is pain in the shoulder with limited motion or use.
    The doctor gave me a shot, prescribed pain medicine and therapy. Even with the pain medicine the therapy (exercises) was very painful. However, with PRAYER, the Lord gave me the ENDURANCE to do the exercises morning & night and HEALING so that I improved daily and after approximately two months I was pain free and regained complete motion & use of my arm. All praise and glory and thanksgiving to the Lord for HIS healing!!!
    Bernice Spector

  2. Hi,
    Please pray for me that my dreadfull skin disease ie psoriasis which is there on my skin should disappear

  3. Praise God for your obedience and faithfulness to God Pastor West. I have read the prayer and am believing God for total and complete healing on continued skin ailments/rashes, as well as fibroid tumor. I pray the Lord will continue to bless and keep you in divine health. Glory to God for all those He has touched and healed through your this ministry.

  4. Praise God for your obedience and faithfulness to the Lord Pastor West. May He continue to bless you and your wife and keep you in divine health. I have read this prayer and am believing God for total and complete healing of skin ailments and rashes, as well as fibroid tumor. Glory to the Father for all those He has touched and healed through this ministry. Blessings to you.

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