DSCF7850First, some really good news to announce DSCF8337 in that I have finished the writing portion of my next book, and the first editing is also complete.  The second editing will begin in a week or so, followed by formatting, printing and publishing, hopefully sometime in August.  This book is called “Willing to Yield” and is written in a similar style like the first book with compelling stories, written by myself, but also with a few surprise authors that I believe you will enjoy.  This book is more than twice as long as the first book.  By the way, Jason is also publishing a book this summer too, and it should be released in late July.  We saw this cool tower in a park in Kearney, NE and it reminded us of the effort it takes to write books, but then the value of getting to the top when finished climbing.

Trinity HopeTwo weeks ago I was really blessed to be back ministering at Trinity Hope Foursquare Church.  It has been close to two years since my last invitation.  Jason led really powerful and upbeat worship at this multicultural church where James Patterson is the pastor.  You can see him in this picture at the front introducing me.  Many great comments were received including that we hit a home-run with the ministry, message and worship.  There was a group of young people visiting too from Urban Plunge so that was cool.  I prayed for healing after the message and many were healed of pain issues, plus God gave me some direct words of knowledge and prophecy for some folks too.  That is always encouraging because the test for words of knowledge is instantaneous.  There was a definite Revival atmosphere in the building that day, with the service running nearly three hours after beginning at 11:00 a.m.

DSCF8294This past week and weekend Jason and I drove nearly 1400 miles round trip to Southwest Kansas to minister,  Jason was invited to be the local Aglow speaker, so he led some worship and then gave a great talk.  Some of the folks gathered around him in prayer after his presentation which is pictured here as well.

On Friday and Saturday we presented an “Encouragement Seminar” to this rural church which was very well received, with many of the folks who attended stating it was one of the best times with us since we have been going to this area to minister.  While we were there, the temperatures were well above 100 degrees most days, and there was an extended power outage that just added to the heat in that location.  Each of the two evening services was filled with God’s presence, with many people receiving a significant touch from the Lord.  Lots of manifestations plus personal prayer ministry just added to the wonder of each service. Hugoton June

DSCF8297Sunday morning was Father’s Day, and I started a tradition at this church years ago by giving out weird gifts to celebrate and this year I decided to give Pop Tarts.  They had two flavor choices including Cookies and Cream or S’mores.  I let them choose based on if their children thought of them as the Cream of the Crop or if their kids just love them so much that they were always asking for some/more or S’more.  You can see the picture here for this as well.  The lady pictured next to her son was included because her husband passed away that very week, so I felt led to ask her to come up and join us.

DSCF8300The next day Jason and I were blessed to be asked to minister in North Platte Nebraska which is on the far west side of the state, opposite of where we live in the Omaha area.  There is a Supernatural School of Ministry there that is related to Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  It was a blast, and the people were so hungry that they literally came up to the altar area for ministry before I was finished sharing on how that ministry would happen.  Once again, I was given lots of prophecy and words of knowledge and there was an abundance of people enjoying God’s presence and Carpet time simultaneously.  And there is a very good chance that I will be returning to this school to minister for three days in September.

DSCF8314On Tuesday we stopped and visited a couple of pastors in Kearney, Nebraska.  They have an amazing worship center that is well out of the Kearney area, high on a hill, that you have to drive on dirt roads to get too, yet the church is rapidly growing, with over 200 people now attending, and is Presence Based in it’s approach to ministry.  I have included a couple of photos of this church for you to view as well. DSCF8325 Below you can see a picture of Jason standing near the cross at this church.  I am also including a couple of creative pictures of the Men’s Restroom with lots of sports items on the walls.  We thought this was a very creative and cool idea that others may want to implement in their location or at their church as well.




For my out of state friends, I anticipate that I will be in Houston Texas in July, and possibly Orlando, Florida in August, perhaps Austin Texas in September, Michigan in October, and California in November.  If you want to connect or tie in with one of those meetings, please let me know.  There are other open weekends available still for other out of state or local travel too. 

DSCF8335Prayer Requests:

  • Healing in my upper arms from the fall on the ice back in February.  Progress has been made, but there is still pain on a daily basis.
  • A teaching position for Diane, and increased income for us as she has not been teaching due to her school closing in May of 2012.
  • The publishing process of my next book, along with the initial writing of my third book that I will begin very soon.
  • Blessing, safety and anointing for Jason as he is a counselor at Covenant Cedars Camp for the next two weeks.

Please respond with any prayer requests that you may have and we will surely pray for you and your needs too.  We believe in a God that provides for us.  I recently heard the story of a 3rd grade Sunday School class that was memorizing Psalm 23 to recite to the church in a play, but one young man just could not remember the words, so when it was his turn to speak, he simply said, “The Lord is my Shepherd, and that is all I need to know.”  I think that about sums it up don’t you agree?

Finally, below is a picture or two from a very honorable War Memorial from North Platte that we wanted to leave with you.  Remember the bible says that Greater love hath no man than he lay his life down for his friends.  DSCF8307



  1. Glad to hear your book is coming along. You know I will want to buy one.
    I will continue to pray for a job for Diane (Is she open to other work than teaching?)
    I will pray for complete healing of your arm bruises from falling on ice.
    May the Lord continue to bless you & your family.

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