Symptoms of Screws in Shoulder and Double Groin Muscle Healed, plus rushing for more of God.

DSCF8148You are probably thinking, “Didn’t I just get a blog post from Jay?”  Yes that is correct but so much has happened since I posted a few days ago, that I wanted to keep you informed.  God is moving in awesome ways and your prayers and support are a BIG part of the ministry that I am able to do.  Thank you!

I failed to mention in my last blog that on Father’s Day, Jason and I did a team teaching in a tag team preaching format.  We took three words, including Testimony, Integrity and Prayer and each of us put a spin on those words talking about each other and how God had worked in our lives through those specific words.  So we had the 3 words that began with T, I and P or TIP and called the message “Three Father’s Day Tips”  and those who heard it stated it was one of the best messages that they had received on Father’s Day – from the direct perspective of a Father and his Son.  We were honored to share and encourage those who were there.

DSCF7673Something very cool that has now happened four times in the past two weeks is that as I am giving instructions on how God wants me to pray for people, and before I even finish the instructions, people are moving towards the altar for prayer, in some cases actually running forward so as not to miss what God is doing.  I believe this is happening because we are in a new season of hunger.  I believe this is valid and a part of God’s plan for a newer form of revival that is actually hitting all over the planet simultaneously.  How else can I explain that it is happening in multiple locations at once, with groups of people who have never met each other, and outside of me the most common denominator is God.  I have to trust that it is God who is drawing the people into His Presence at a quick pace.

Min2Yesterday evening I was so encouraged to teach and minister to the young adults at Eagle’s Nest Worship Center.  The leaders did an excellent job of preparing, and inviting other to come and participate. There was an acoustical guitar player, and a free form dancer and an artist painting pictures during the worship.  I taught on the Kingdom of God and had amazing prayer ministry with lots of words of knowledge with a prophetic edge that God was authenticating.  It was powerful and sincerely special to see so many young adults pressing in for more of God.  The singing in the Spirit was simply glorious.  It is hard to describe this, but as one young lady spontaneously sang to the Lord,  the presence of the God just filled the room.  It was a contagious moment that everyone felt and experienced.  Min3

In my new book that is going to the editor on Monday, I write about theology which is the study of God or God’s word, but also include theophany which is experiencing God too.  There are a lot of great theological churches with wonderful theologians, but if we exclude the experience of God, we really do a disservice to the theology of God.  Bill Johnson has stated that bible study without bible experience is pointless. And I strongly agree. 

Min4Take a look at these two young ladies who genuinely walk the talk and exude the experience of God in their daily lives.  They are the real deal and trust God in many areas, as I am sure you do too.  I so enjoy ministering in various cultures and seeing the common thread of the Holy Spirit moving among the people.  Jesus loves us all, and I am so grateful.

Min7Today I was great honored to fill in for a pastor that I have known for a number of years.  The congregation was very responsive and once again, with a lot of people at the front, I was so incredibly moved to pray with words of knowledge and wisdom over so many people.  The power of God seem to sweep into the room and lives were touched and I believe changed. It was amazing to see so many heads nodding in agreement and appreciation for each prayer.  What I do is simply rely on God to give me a word or a phrase as I come to each person and I just start talking and God fills in the rest with his plan, strategy and anointing to bring assistance and help to each person.  It is so much fun to minister in this freedom and with an unction from the Holy Spirit.

Here are two examples:

Min9One man had been mowing very high grass the day before and actually severely pulled a groin muscle in each leg.  He came walking to the front for prayer in obvious pain.  I invited the presence of the Holy Spirit and spoke healing for about ten seconds, and then asked him to walk up and down some steps, which he easily did without any pain.  I then suggested that he hop up and down the steps, and then jump up and down and finally take some larger leaps, all of which he did without any pain.  He was healed in less than 15 seconds. 

Another man came forward with shoulder pain because he has two screws in his shoulder from a previous injury, and I spoke healing and in seconds, he could rotate his arm over his head with no pain, but he stated he still had the popping sound inside and could feel the screws popping.  I spoke healing again in the name of Jesus, and suggested that he do some pushups, and without hesitation, began to do the pushups and then jumped up rotating his arm again and declared that the popping was all gone too.

Min5Several years ago I was really honored to preach at this church on Martin Luther King Weekend.  To be invited to speak at this church on that holiday is indeed a sincere demonstration of admiration and friendship. I stated above that I was filling in for the Pastor today, but he left me a note, and I would like to quote part of it to you.  “I could use many titles and all kinds of different verbiage to express my gratitude for you…but the most reserved and distinguished I can use is “FRIEND”.  Thank you for being a GREAT FRIEND.”  That touched my heart for sure.

Min8The values of this ministry is to create a space for God to move, inviting the presence of the Lord to come and have His way in each church that I am invited to minister at, but when some write to me expressing the gratitude and the friendship, it makes it all worth while.  To be a friend and have a friend is extremely valuable and something to cherish.  But to have a friend in Jesus is priceless and worth every moment of effort to get to that point..

Why don’t you consider contacting someone right now, that God may be reminding you of, and send them a note of encouragement or a thank you for the blessings that they have been in your life.  I feel strongly that it will mean a lot to the person who receives your note, and that act of kindness, may also expand the Kingdom of God in ways that you thought were not possible. 

para vida 1I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures above of those that were in attendance at each place and how the ministry proceeded with God’s anointing.  Have a great week, and don’t forget to leave me your prayer requests here on the blog.  If you don’t want your post made public, be sure to let me know and I won’t post it below. 

By the way, I just viewed the cover design for my newest book and WOW – it is remarkable!  It is definitely an eye catching cover and I am so blessed to have a fantastic cover design specialist.  I would be happy to recommend her to you if you need some kind of graphic arts or creative art work done.  She is amazing and very anointed!


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