New Book and Recent and Upcoming Ministry

Hello Friends,

Willing to Yield CoverI wanted to get out a quick blog post just to update a few quick items.  My new book “Willing to Yield” is now  in the hand of the publishers and we are in the midst of the formatting and layout.  This will take around a week or so, and then after approval, then the book moves to printing.  The word Yield really has two main definitions, with the first being one we recognize as giving the right of way to someone else, such as when driving and seeing a yield sign, but the second is a farming term used to describe the size of a crop including seed which the farmer needs to plant the next crop.  This book has several chapters with testimonies and major portions written from friends around the country. There are 16 chapters total.

Here are a few chapter headings:

  • Strange Prayers, Strange Answers
  • Being Uncommon
  • Tolerated Appreciated Celebrated
  • Outmaneuvering the Manure
  • Perversion to Pastor
  • Taking Courage
  • Getting Un-Tongue Tied

DSCF8377Also, we recently did a two day service project at a local ministry called Turning Point Ministries where we trimmed a lot of trees, downsizing the branches into smaller portions to carry to the dumpster.  I’ve enclosed a couple of pictures from when we first started the project before we were all hot and tired.  I’ve included them below too.

DSCF8376Jason has completed the writing of his first book and we are exploring printing and publishing options for him as well.  It is called “Who Will Ascend?” More information will be available soon.  Jason is also scheduled return to Grace University on August 11th where he has a week of orientation and leadership preparation for when the rest of the students start arriving about a week later.  Jason is not on the worship team this year, but he and I are assisting the young adult ministry at our church with once a month worship services. 

I will be ministering in Houston July 25-29 speaking at a conference being held at Ashford Community Church, and then at the same church on Sunday morning and then at Refreshing Spring Ministries Sunday evening before returning home on Monday July 29th.  The Conference is about the Kingdom of God, and I will get to connect with some long time friends that I have not seen in a number of years.  I would appreciate your prayers as you think of me.

While September, October and November are very full with many speaking and ministry opportunities, August has several open dates and I would welcome invitations. 

DSCF8375Also, we are rejoicing that Diane got a teaching job and will be returning to the classroom at St Paul Lutheran School where she will be teaching combined grades K and First Grade.  St Paul is about a 30 minute drive from our house in North Omaha, but close to the church we attend.   

Some special days are coming up including July 25th when we begin our 14th year in the Omaha Nebraska area.  Then August 11th is Diane’s and my 34th wedding anniversary along with launching my 37th year in ministry too.  We hope that the new book will be printed and available by late August, and we will keep you informed. 

Go Holy Spirit!

8 thoughts on “New Book and Recent and Upcoming Ministry

  1. just love it! God’s blessing in finding the perfect place for Diane to teach young children. He is so good all the time! The title is such a God thing….we look at His word one way, but there is always another way to look at it. Good choice!

  2. Congratulations on your new book! Thrilled to hear about Ms. Diane’s new teaching job, as well. 🙂 Safe travels to you, and I’m glad to see so many opportunities for you to reach others with your gift.

  3. Hey Jay… the idea of the book and the meaning of Yield. The title chapters make me want to read that book now!!! Blessings to you family…..see you in Houston

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