Two Week’s Notice – With Special Youth, Healing and Emergency Testimonies

garden fountainPlease read to the bottom of this report for a special testimony involving Diane where thru prayer she saved one of our neighbors.

First – I want to thank all of you who prayed for Diane and for the medical situation that she encountered a week ago.  The prescription seems to be causing the larger lump in her neck to be diminishing and we are very grateful to God and to you our friends for praying. 

Second, some quick updates.  This month is an unusual month in that I only have youth and young adult ministry events, and normally they don’t pay very well or in some cases at all, but God has been doing some incredible things.  He downloaded a new message to me that I titled “Just Do It” and it has been received well.  Last Wednesday while ministering to mostly middle school students, I felt led to  ask if anyone was in pain and about a half dozen admitted that they were and all of them received a measure of improvement with several of them getting totally well.  It was pretty cool how God backed up His word to these students at this young age.

300aJust recently I was scheduled to minister to a group of young adults and one of them walked in and told me that he had a message burning in his heart to share, so I felt led to let him preach and teach and I would just share my message at another time.  It was powerful and very anointed as he taught on having a Hunger for more of God.  His name is Matt Henson and his picture is attached here for you to see as he was preaching. 

300bHere is another picture of Jason leading worship at this event with our friend “Yo La” playing drums who is apart of the Karen Community of Refugees from Burma.

Quick Highlights:

  • Diane Started Her new teaching position last week at St. Paul Lutheran.  This is a very small school about 15 miles from our house that has less than 40 students in it from K – thru 8th grade.
  • Jason Went Back to college this week for his leadership training for his position as Campus Outreach Coordinator.  He said it was the best start yet and he senses God is doing some incredible things on campus.  Jason also wrote a book and is proofing his final copy of it before it is published locally
  • While My Speaking Engagements schedule is presently slow,  I will be making the final proof of one copy of the new book this week and then if all goes well, I will have 1000 copies delivered to me on Sept. 12th  I am also editing some new teaching CD’s to be duplicated soon, and starting to write my 3rd book about the Kingdom of God.  Plus I am meeting with a variety of marketplace leaders to encourage and pray for them.
  • And We Are also trying to buy a third car so we need prayers of guidance, favor and for financial provision on how to proceed with so many other recent financial obligations that came up this summer. Jason needs a car for various off campus educational activities and presently with Diane teaching so far away it is not practical to remain with only two cars.  I also continue to battle the pain in my upper arms from the fall on the ice back in February.  The doctors are at a loss as to how to proceed, so God knows the answer and your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Here is a testimony about how God used Diane recently – 

DSCF7641I (Jay) was not home but running some errands, when our neighbors across the street came home from the Bellevue parade in a vintage older restored car and they had two friends in the back seat. The driver got out of the car thinking it was in park, but it was in reverse and the car backed up and knocked him over to the ground and rolled across the street and then stopped after going up and over the curb.

Several people saw this happen including Diane who ran over to help. He seemed fine and was talking and then got back in the car and suddenly slumped over and blacked out.

While the neighbors were talking and trying to figure out what to do, Diane laid her hand on his shoulder and quietly prayed and he suddenly woke up. The ambulance was called and they checked him out and apparently he was okay and did not need to be transported. I am confident it was Diane’s prayer that helped our neighbor and that is the kind of wife I am happy to have on my side when the enemy attacks.  Praise God!

2 thoughts on “Two Week’s Notice – With Special Youth, Healing and Emergency Testimonies

  1. I think that this is a wonderful example of what our God is doing, now, more and more. I can’t wait to see what He does next!! Lola

  2. Awesome!! Praying God provides Jason with a car and complete healing of your upper arms. Excited to read your new book!

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