Super WOW – Look at all that the Lord is doing!

DSCF8448Ministry has been good for the past few weeks. The trips to Northeast Iowa and Southwest Kansas and then Western Nebraska all were fruitful and filled with people hungry for more of God, and receiving accurate words of knowledge along with healing, teaching plus impartations that are bearing good fruit. People were and are coming back to Jesus and getting right and tight with him.  The Holy Spirit has been moving and I am grateful for your prayers and encouraging comments.

DSCF8436God continues to open up doors for me on a consistent basis to pray for people in public.  More recently a delivery driver, and a lawn guy in our neighborhood, a lady at a carpet store, and others have been the gracious recipients of prayer that I offered as it appeared that God was presenting these opportunities.  My message called Just Do It with the “I” standing for Initiative and the “T” standing for Testimony continue to be fed with new stories that unfold for me almost daily.  These stories then challenge the listeners to go out and do the same, and more and more people are writing to me sharing their experiences as they took a risk and offered to pray with total strangers.  That is simply amazing and God is working with these people as they step out in courage and faith. 

DSCF8469This past weekend I was honored to be a guest at Calvary Lutheran in Omaha where I taught and ministered at two morning services and then one in the evening as well.  Jason led worship in the evening and the people definitely came hungry.  The service lasted nearly three hours and when finished, no one wanted to leave.  One of the leaders commented on that to me, and I shared that when the anointing is present, the people generally do not want to leave even when the service is over, but when the anointing is not present, they can’t wait to get out of the building.

DSCF8466I have seen this happen many times and attribute it to God’s presence that simply draws people into a place where they may not have been before, but now are encountering the Kingdom and simply want to stay and linger as long as possible.  It is a great joy and very satisfying to see this.  I received a nice note from the Pastor stating that he was hearing good testimonies from his people.

This coming Sunday I will be making a book presentation at Eagle’s Nest Worship Center where we attend, and then selling my book in the foyer after each service.  I am donating $2 from each sale to go to feeding the homeless in our city.  We have a team that goes and does this once a month.  Our team featured below wears orange T-shirts to help identify themselves.  You can see the people lined up to receive their food.  The team also prays and witnesses to those who are receptive to that as well.  Our pastor is Jim Hart!Homeless Outreach 2

The homeless folks are so blessed as our team of folks give them actual choices on what they can eat.  Last time they tried to make it like a large buffet or cafeteria style, and the people really enjoyed themselves, many of them commenting that most churches and groups that come down don’t give them any choices at all.  Homeless Outreach 3

I was very moved by what I experienced this last time and want to offer this additional support, so if you want to be a part of this, you can participate too.  Just contact me at for mailing instructions, and mention that you saw my blog post, and from now until the end of October, $2 from every sale of my current book priced at $10 will go to help feed the homeless in our area. 

This ministry was started by a lady and her husband who started coming to our church awhile back, but she would go into the bathroom and shoot up some drugs and then return to the service.  She got radically saved and initiated this ministry.  I guess you could say she just went out and did it.  So what are you waiting for to just go out and do it too!

St Paul 3Diane is well into her first couple of months of teaching at her new school, although there are some internal problems there that I can’t really write about, that do need prayer.  The other day I was dropping her off early in the morning and took a  picture of a rainbow over the church building which I have highlighted here for you to see.  This gives us hope!

DSCF8433And Jason is taking 17 hours at college, along with being the campus outreach leader, and the prayer coordinator, tutoring at one elementary school and doing some practice teaching at still another middle school, and then leading worship with me from time to time, he is very busy, but loving it all and enjoying college life.  He is pictured here holding his newly published book, Who Will Ascend? Taking Prayer to Another Level.  His book is also $10 and you may contact him at for ordering information.

Here is my schedule for the next few weeks:

Willing to Yield CoverOct  20 – Eagle’s Nest Worship Center, Book Presentation and sale of “Willing to Yield”

Oct 24 – Home Church in the greater Omaha Area

Oct 26-29 – Trinity Lutheran Church, Stonewall Texas – just outside of Austin and across the street from President Johnson’s ranch.  President Johnson sometimes attended this church.  This is my 4th time here and I wrote a chapter in my first book “Downloads from Heaven” about some of my experiences at this church located in the Hill Country of Texas.   My good friend Percy Smerek is the senior pastor.  This is reformation Sunday so I will be teaching on and about Faith as it relates to flowing in the Supernatural, along with just living life on a day to day basis.  The church is pictured below.StonewallDSCF7744Nov 2 – “Give Thanks” Seminar with Shelli Muldoons at Beautiful Savior Church in La Vista, NE.  This is a free seminar from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.   Shelli has a great anointing to teach and instruct people, and you will definitely want to hear her presentation.  I will be speaking second after her sharing and teaching time.  Jason and a group of college students will lead worship that day.

DSCF7832Nov 5-11 – Traveling to Bethel Church in Redding, CA to attend the Leaders Advance with my good friend John Garske from Seward, NE.  John is a retired Christian School principal and on fire for Jesus.  He just returned from an extended trip to Germany traveling and ministering with Randy Clark.

Nov  15-17 – Open Weekend for Ministry Invitation

Nov 22-25 – Lansing Vineyard, Lansing, Michigan.

If you have prayer requests, please leave them in the comment page, and I will be praying for you.  If you don’t want them made public, please let me know that information as well, otherwise, I will let them be seen by others who may drop in to read this blog and also pray for you too.

3 thoughts on “Super WOW – Look at all that the Lord is doing!

  1. Jay,

    It fills my heart and head with good things hearing the good our Father is doing in your life, ministry and those around you.


    Oh how good it is for us to give thanks to our awesome Daddy.

  2. Fantastic to hear of people turning back to their first love and allowing the Spirit to flow through them in the highways and byways. That is what excites all of us and keeps us fresh in the Lord and desiring more. Your son is amazing. Following in both of his father’s footsteps. 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind note – actually Jason has one footstep in his own place with his worship leading – I never did that – it is so nice to hear from you Daryl – I hope you and your family are doing well – God Bless you! 🙂

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