Meeting Bill Johnson – then being identified in front of 1000 people with very accurate words of knowledge – WOW! – Part 1

Psalm 115:3 – “But our God is in heaven, He does whatever He pleases.”

Leaders Advance 3Psalm 103:19 – “The Lord has established His throne in heaven and His kingdom rules over all.”

Psalm 89:15 – “Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!  They walk, O lord, in the light of Your countenance.”

DSCF8524God has established His throne in heaven and His kingdom does rule over all, and He does what He pleases, and those that are His people are blessed to know the joyful sound of His voice and walk in great light.  Because of who He is and what He has established, I have been blessed lately to be walking in that realm of His Kingdom and it does indeed resonate with a joyful sound!

DSCF8539I was blessed and encouraged to be invited to return to the Leaders Advance at Bethel Church in Redding, California for the second time, and my 6th trip to Bethel in the last two years.  I was accompanied by a friend John Garske and we were not in the building more than ten minutes when Bill Johnson walked up and introduced himself to us.  That was an honor for sure!

This Leaders Advance had a different spiritual tone or should I say, a different joyful sound than the first one.  It was quieter, with the worship seemingly more centered on the Cross of Jesus, and the messages more focused on divine encounters with distinct evidences of angelic activity.  This was no problem for me as I have seen angels on four occasions, the most recent time just two days ago.  I have also seen and experienced demons too, and trust me when I say, you don’t want to discover that realm unless God is involved with you as He was with me.

DSCF8528I met a lot of wonderful people at the conference including many internationals from such places as Canada, Russia, Haiti, France, England, Germany and other nations of the world.  In fact there were people  there from 35 nations and 43 states.  Pictured here to the left is a doctor and his wife from Germany, and then below a new friend from France.Leaders Advance 10DSCF8523The standard of honor and excellence is readily available and viewable where ever you are on the campus.  From the nearly 4000 students in the Supernatural School of Ministry to the 500 children enrolled in the Christian Day School, to the over beautiful manicured grounds to the nearly 600 employees, the life of Jesus and the flow of the Spirit is evidenced throughout the multi-campus locations and the service to those who were in attendance.  I had a one on one meeting with the school administrator to learn more about how the gifts of the Spirit and extended soaking times of worship are implemented with the children in the school.  It was an eye-opening experience for sure.

Leaders Advance 8One of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me was occurred on the final evening of the conference, when Bill Johnson invited Shawn Bolz to come forward to share.  I had never heard of Shawn and we had never met, but Shawn had recently experienced a divine encounter with an Angel who downloaded a bunch of words of knowledge to Shawn to specifically share at the conference.  It was my understanding that Shawn was not attending the Conference and only came up from his ministry in L.A to share these words.

DSCF8519Shawn prefaced these with much humility stating that he did not want to be wrong, and that he was interested in everyone’s well-being and wanted to make sure that things went right and ended in a good way.  After he gave the first word he asked if there was a guy named Jay West in the audience.  Of course I stood up in front of the 1000 or so in attendance and let him know where I was located, which at this point was off to the side of the platform with my friend John, and some other friends from southern California.

Shawn then began by stating that I had been raised south of him there in LA which was true as I was born and raised in San Diego County, and then he proceeded to share that I now lived in Omaha Nebraska, and that I was a traveling healing evangelist, which basically is also accurate, and that I was in this ministry because of my being willing to yield.  He actually used the phrase willing to yield several times, not really knowing what it meant until I was able to shout towards him that willing to yield is the title of my newest book.  He went on to say that because I am willing to yield, previous prophecies relating to Eagle’s Nest would begin to be fulfilled.  Initially I responded back to him that Eagle’s Nest is the name of the church we attend in Omaha, but later it was mentioned to me by several others that Shawn’s word included Eagle’s Nest and prophetic words that were given in the late 80’s, which was when we attended a lot of conferences at Eagle’s Nest in San Antonio where Rick Godwin was the pastor.  Then Shawn prayed with me.  I am eager to get the CD and the DVD of the service and re-watch and re- listen to all of this again.

During our layover on our return trip, I engaged a man in conversation who was cleaning up the food court and discovered that he and his wife were from Ghana and that they were there working at the airport in Salt Lake City so that they could fund the travel for their six children still back in Ghana.  I asked him if I could pray for him, and he agreed, and after the prayer I found out that he and his wife want to plant a church in Salt Lake City from their home church of Pentecost in Ghana.  I then was prompted to share a good size tip for him to either have a nice dinner or apply it towards bringing his children over to America.

DSCF8538This evening I received word that a pastor I prayed for recently with heart problems, including extreme tiredness and irregular heartbeats was now feeling great and had participated in some heavy-duty yard work with lots of lifting and no heart symptoms at all.  I had also prayed for his wife and she has begun to have and see manifestations happening now as she prays with and for others.  These are always special times of encouragement to hear the reports of God’s life being released into others with the transferable anointing.  He and his wife are pictured here and they also attend the Supernatural School of Ministry at Bethel Church.

DSCF8558This coming weekend I will be ministering in Lansing, Michigan primarily at the Lansing Vineyard with Ed Reynolds is the pastor.  Then I return home for Thanksgiving before heading out to southwest Kansas, with just enough time to celebrate my next birthday before I leave.   Pictured here is a photo of Diane and myself taken just today.  I will share more experiences from Bethel church in Redding and other supernatural ministry soon.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Bill Johnson – then being identified in front of 1000 people with very accurate words of knowledge – WOW! – Part 1

  1. What an encouragement! God is doing great things through you, Jay! I’m thrilled to read your blog!!

    Give me a call as you pass through (or over) Chicago on your way back to Omaha. [we live just 2 miles off I-80]

    I have concluded my ministry to the church in Oak Lawn [although not to “the Church” and those whom God is drawing to himself through her!] and am seeking to discover “What’s next?” on God’s agenda for Jean and me. And, I just had a pacemaker installed on Friday to address my own physical-heart issues! Day by day! Trusting Him all the way!

  2. Hi Jay, What encouragement to you from HIM & should instill more of the anointing of the Holy Spirit within you knowing you are walking righteously each step of the way as He continues to unfold and unload in you more ministries. To have God’s approval is wonderful and lifts one up.
    You are truly pressing on unto HIM.
    Blessings, Kay

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