Video Link to Bethel Church, Word of Knowledge from Shawn Bolz to Me!

Get Ready – A New Wave of God’s Presence is about to Hit!

wave 1

Here is the link to the video of the word of knowledge given to me at Bethel Church in Redding, CA from Shawn Bolz  just two weeks ago – it is short and under three minutes in length

cover option 3Downloads from Heaven0001This word of knowledge is confirmation of much of what what specifically written in my first book called “Downloads from Heaven” which is about hearing God’s voice today thru Words of Knowledge. 

If you would like information on how to secure a copy of it or my newest book “Willing to Yield” which is directly Willing to Yield Covermentioned in the video link, please contact me here or directly at my email address of

Thank you

Jay West

8 thoughts on “Video Link to Bethel Church, Word of Knowledge from Shawn Bolz to Me!

  1. WOW!!!! That is really wild. Thanks for helping me find it. When I see pastor I will certainly get his info and send this to him.

  2. Jay; That is AMAZING!!! We pray with you that all God has for you will come to pass according to His timing and will. Blessings, Mike

  3. Hi Jay – I’m still amazed after watching this video, although not quite as much as the first time when we were there. Now I know though what Shawn prayed and what I continue to pray that all those promises of the 1980s will be released in your upcoming ministry. Go God! John

  4. Dear Jay,

    This is absolutely awesome! All praise and thanks and glory to God for his faithfulness to those who are “Willing To Yield.” We are blessed and inspired. Sunday, Dec. 1 (appropriately the first Sunday of Advent) at 4:00 PM we are holding our first Healing Prayer Service at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Superior, WI. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fall on us. God bless you with ever-increasing anointing.

    Harris and Diane Balko

    PS Your book is a blessing and a prod to press in. Thank you.

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