Discovery of Joy – – – plus – – – Enjoying the Kingdom

FB7Discovery of joy!  Find two or three friends who really inspire or encourage you and send them a note and let them know about it and why.   It does not have to be long, but I would urge you to put it on their FB page so others can see it too, or send a private email. Lets initiate some thankfulness and blessings for others as we approach Thanksgiving Day.  Who will take this  challenge and avoid the turkey mentality?  It may be time to do more than simply click “Like”

DSCF7798Also,  do you know what happens when you cross a turkey with a centipede?  Everyone gets a leg at Thanksgiving.  Let’s get a leg up on not reducing Thanksgiving to some large dinner that launches us into Christmas, but rather employs an attitude of rejoicing and thankfulness for those that truly are a blessing to us.

DSCF7800For those who are near the Lansing Vineyard in Lansing Michigan this weekend Nov. 22-24, I will be ministering there Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning, and possibly one local church Sunday evening either there or in Grand Rapids.  Here is some publicity along with a list of the three topics to be shared as shared from the Lansing Vineyard and Pastor Ed Reynolds.

DSCF8524As believers we have not only been called to be disciples but to be men and women who will take the message and the presence of the Kingdom of God into the world. The question is, “How well is this happening”?  We need the gifts and empowering of the Holy Spirit to liberate us from the encumbrances that hinder us and to empower us for fruitful ministry.

Session 1  Breaking off Guilt and Shame:

The enemy has an arsenal of similar things used to bring us down, and neutralize our effectiveness. We consequently deal with condemnation accusation and find ourselves discouraged.  We need to be awakened to the favor God intends us to experience and to learn to hold our ground.


DSCF7795Session 2  Renewed in the Lords Love:

That same accuser tells us we are unworthy and  unloved. It is imperative that we know the Lord’s love for us. This session will address how we may grow in that understanding and experience that we remain in His love and labor out of it.


Session 3  Engaging in and Enjoying Ministry:

DSCF7802Ministry can turn into effort, obligation and servitude but is intended to be a joy. This final session will focus on regaining the joy of serving our Lord and then how to maintain it.

Anointed Prayer Ministry will conclude every session:

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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